Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Project Goals For Rufflecon

Aaaahhhhh!!! The con is only 12 days away and I am not ready!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!

I guess you can tell which stage of the game procrastination I'm at....

But, never fear, my frillies! Your's truly, Madeline Hatter is getting a full week off if work to panic and not procrastinate. And I do have a plan of attack for this week and the next, but to keep myself grounded here is a rundown of projects that I've been working on little by little.

The first and most important project is my new blouse for my Fragrant Rose Memories coordinate. I've already made the shell of the blouse and need to do the darting and Juliet sleeves, all I need to add to the sleeves are the circular flounces at the bottoms. I'm going to use this gorgeous lace to them and the neckline, which I'm dropping and adding another ruffle. I also bought beautiful buttons.

I don't have much time for this one but I can pump out the blouse in a full day or two.

The second would be the headdress I've been working on to match it. I've been checking out every store that has fake flowers to find the best matches to what's on the rosemary colorway of the jsk and I plan on adding a few jeweled chains here and there.

The next is another floral corsage for one coordinate that kind of was last minute and I'm thinking will be absolutely awesome! I'm actually doing a minor variation on the Leo constellation coordinate I did a while ago for the Lolita Blog Carnival. It won't be an exact match but that idea is where I'm starting with minor variations and...well...it's a secret. OMy headdress though will be EPIC!

My masquerade mask will be probably the last thing I really need to do. I may decide to go and do it with make-up.

I also have to finish a necklace for My First Soirée....I feel as though I am forgetting a few things but for really making things I think my plans are laid out here. There are a few extra things though, which basically means I will be a basket case sometime before the con....

Another project, and sooooooo last minute and unplanned, would be a whole other jsk/op (who the frak really knows!) but that would be more of a leisure piece and possibly to keep my head on straight more than anything else.

And last! Last! Last! Would be my business cards. A lot of other girls are doing them too and I have been wanting to make some. My plans are to collect as many as possible! Mwahahaha!

So those are my plans for tomorrow....I need to go brew myself a whole lot of tea....have a cup or three. Enjoy yours while I go a little nutty over mine!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

LBC: 3 Things I Would Tell My Beginner Self

My, how this week flew by!

I had barely posted my review on Tokyo Rebel's reopening and it's already Friday to post another Lolita Blog Carnival post. This week's topic is about the 3 things I would tell myself when I was a beginner and a few things did pop into my head real quick.

The first, and biggest thing that makes me face palm hard was not having jumped into the fashion sooner. I would tell myself to stop and smell the roses and actually throw myself down that rabbit hole.

I had mentioned before that I had happened on the fashion while working on an actual play (fancy that, an actual show and no one even bothered to ask if I was in a play). I wanted a big hair band kind of look and Mana takes over my screen in one of his pretty dresses. Click. Lolita fashion suddenly tumbles before my eyes. However, life was so busy I didn't really get a chance to think twice about it. My biggest regret is not getting into the fashion sooner. I could have had so many more pieces and when they were newer and easier to find.

The second, which sort of goes hand in hand with the first, is I would tell myself to get involved with the community sooner and meet the comms around me sooner.

I didn't have too much with identifying brands (don't know why) nor did I have issues figuring out replicas from real pieces (I was far to paranoid and wanted the real things) so it wasn't about the pieces or rules at all. I simply love the comm I have now, the bigger more involved group I have and the closer knit group of friends I've gained from the community. They are all wonderful and lovely and I am so thankful for them, but I would tell myself to have still gotten involved sooner and not have been worried about what other people say.

The last and third thing I would have told my beginner self to help me along would be to get more involved in my sewing.

I had been starting to get more involved at that point, making costumes for the shows I was directing and not really feeling confident to wander into Lolita fashion territory. I had started to take hints of it and working it in here and there. I would have liked to have told myself to work the silhouette more and make wristcuffs and other accessories as well.

So many things I would have loved to have been encouraged by someone, but that's all I can do now I suppose.

My goals now are to encourage other beginners to get more involved in the communities and learn more about the fashion before and to sew a whole heck of a lot more.

That's it for this topic though. I could go on and on as I'm sure you well know.

If you want to know what other lovelies think about this topic check out there posts down below!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Tokyo Rebel and Baby NYC Store Review!!!

Hello frillies!

Last month I managed a trek down to Baby the Stars Shine Bright NYC and Tokyo Rebel's store down on Allens Street in New York for my birthday and bought some fabulous pieces. I figured it actually would be good to do a haul post and a review of the store as well. It simply seems everyone has been too excited (including me) about actually having a brand store back on the east coast that some things get forgotten.

But this doesn't mean my eyes were all starry and goofy the entire time as I nearly paraded to and through the store. *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* 

So the first thing I did notice was that the shop was twice as wide as the original Tokyo Rebel had been. Length wise it was nearly the same, a little deeper though, so all in all it's bigger than most tof the other Lolita shops I've been too in Japan and the US. Most shops are small especially in shopping centers and are about the size of the original TR shop space, so this was very nice.

The set up is sooo cute and wonderful! A few tables and stands in the middle with different accessories and pieces on display, all done up and decked out. When there are parasols to be had they are placed around the store on the displays or racks. Blythe dolls and bags adorn the shelves and posters decorate the walls and manaquins are set with different coordinates in the shop windows. I honestly can not wait to go back!

There was a few things that I noted that they should put on their website and came as a bit of a shock to me since I've had a completely different experience in the past with every shop I've been too. Now this was major but not a bad thing to have as rules, I honestly think these are very good rules but left me completely unprepared. 

The first, and not an issue for me and definitely smartest, was that bags and water bottles were asked to be left behind the counter. Most shops do this, not even a shock, you don't want anything spilling on things and damaging them, for sure. And well the bags is very obvious, of course.

Second, which this one was the real surprise to me, was that you aren't allowed to try things on without a blouse or t-shirt. 

I know some people may think me dumb because it may seem common sense but all of my past experiences with any Lolita brand store, including TR, never had that as a rule. Every year for my birthday when TR was on Avenue B I'd go try on a few pieces and then buy one for my birthday. Never had to wear a blouse or tee and never asked. And in Japan they had a blouse and petticoat to try things on and I saw that I was not the only girl who was handed one to do so. So obviously I would not readily jump to this conclusion.

This truly isn't an issue for most lolita who go to try things on, but I happened to be wearing jeans and a sparkly flowy tank since it was mid~summer so you can see my problem. 

I feel silly now though since it would of course make better sense and be easier for keeping pieces in better condition to sell. All I can say is if you are not going to wear Lolita to the store either wear a tee or bring one you can have tucked in your bag. 

Next time I shall come prepared! Mwahahaha!

All in all, the staff was super nice and the standards are excellent for shop keeping and product safety. It is truly wonderful to have Tokyo Rebel back in NY and to finally have a Baby the Stars Shine Bright as well.

I'm sorry I didn't really get any pictures, but I'll make a haul post of what I bought soon.

LBC: My Most Prized Piece Of My Wardrobe

Everyone has a favorite print or piece for one or another reason.

My most prized piece is of course my Night Fairy Fantasia jsk I in the Misty Sky colorway. I absolutely adore and cherish this particular piece so much. It, of course, is more than just because of the imagery   on this garment itself but the experience that came with it.

I know I've told the reason and why a zillion times before but it really is a happy memory for me.

The fact that when the info had been released and I was given the option to get it and opted to save for my Japan trip instead gave me a wonderful opportunity to get it right from the store. That whole wonderful happenstance was insane and awesome! I hadn't been aware of store release dates at the time since I had never tried to do a reserve before, buying mostly second hand and the occasional birthday present direct when Tokyo Rebel had it's original store on Avenue B, so I didn't realize I would be there just in time. 

But still, I will always remember the awe walking into Marui and going up the escalators to the floor for Alice and The Pirates shop and seeing it right when I walked in....it was simply amazing!

And thinking that it was just an off chance that I'd see any of the series pieces it was so much fun being taken by the shop girl with a blouse and petticoat to try it on with. I knew I looked like a mess and was probably horrifying to be seen trying it on without makeup or my hairdone up nicely but the staff was wonderful and helped me pick out all sorts of things to make a coord.

The details of this piece are so lovely, the rouched chiffon peplum and slightly sparkled print with all the details of Neverland, I will never get over this series. And recently, I've received some things to add on to the entire coord.

What's your most prized piece? Was there a great experience in acquiring it? Comment below, I'd love to hear your story!

This past Christmas a friend gave me the matching necklace from the series, I was so excited I threw it on right after opening it. (Thank you again Tenshi!) Another piece I recently got was the AAtp clock bag in cream for my birthday. (I should really do a haul post...)

Anywho, NFF is my most prized piece in my wardrobe and if you wish to hear more from other Lolitas who have written on the topic check them out on their blogs here:

                                                    The Literary Lolita

Usamimi Tea Time

Northern Star

Going to grab a cup now and enjoy, cheers!

Friday, September 5, 2014

If I Could Put This In My Wardrobe.....

With Rufflecon only a few weeks away, I'm currently freaking out in my stylish yet partially handmade wardrobe, running around finding this and sewing that, but my eyes do tend to wander here and there.

This particular piece has been eluding me lately, of course this is only one if a few that I particularly love and wish to procure.

It pops up every so often and at somewhat reasonable prices everytime I don't have the money, but someday soon I shall own it!

I love the print and colors that is came in and wouldn't mind any of the colors, but I think the red or blue would be my top choice in this version of the jsk, but any version would be fabulous to snag.

For now, this will be on the back burner until the con or after Rufflecon.

What about you any particular print or piece that you feel you absolutely need or want lately? Feel free to share in the comments!

For now, I'll just get to my sewing machine with a new pot of tea to finish prepping for the con for now.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

LBC: The Picture That Made You Fall In Love With Lolita

The very picture that made me fall in love with Lolita Fashion....

This is the first image of Lolita fashion that I could find.

I was researching 80's hair bands for a production of Midsummer I was directing back around 2004 (I think it was 2004) and I stumbled upon Malice Mizer and other Visual~Kei bands and kept clicking because I loved the look. It was then that I stumbled on this little pretty.

The coord was just striking to me, it still is. The ruffles and Peter Pan collar with the hat were enough to catch my eye. As I look back on it now, I wish I had thought to follow the fashion more and find the places to get involved with it but I had been in the middle of working a show and was distracted, unfortunately, and follow through.

I do remember the style starting to influence how I dressed and what I choose for my wardrobe, though. I had started to change up the regular Lara Croft look I was told I always wore for more visual~Kei like outfits. I tried to find longer skirts that would accommodate just enough poof because even though it was around that time where Lolita was just starting to add so many layers and pieces I was always into the poofy look it had.

I think I already made a post about this a long time ago but it's nice to revisit it.

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