Friday, September 5, 2014

If I Could Put This In My Wardrobe.....

With Rufflecon only a few weeks away, I'm currently freaking out in my stylish yet partially handmade wardrobe, running around finding this and sewing that, but my eyes do tend to wander here and there.

This particular piece has been eluding me lately, of course this is only one if a few that I particularly love and wish to procure.

It pops up every so often and at somewhat reasonable prices everytime I don't have the money, but someday soon I shall own it!

I love the print and colors that is came in and wouldn't mind any of the colors, but I think the red or blue would be my top choice in this version of the jsk, but any version would be fabulous to snag.

For now, this will be on the back burner until the con or after Rufflecon.

What about you any particular print or piece that you feel you absolutely need or want lately? Feel free to share in the comments!

For now, I'll just get to my sewing machine with a new pot of tea to finish prepping for the con for now.

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