Friday, September 12, 2014

LBC: My Most Prized Piece Of My Wardrobe

Everyone has a favorite print or piece for one or another reason.

My most prized piece is of course my Night Fairy Fantasia jsk I in the Misty Sky colorway. I absolutely adore and cherish this particular piece so much. It, of course, is more than just because of the imagery   on this garment itself but the experience that came with it.

I know I've told the reason and why a zillion times before but it really is a happy memory for me.

The fact that when the info had been released and I was given the option to get it and opted to save for my Japan trip instead gave me a wonderful opportunity to get it right from the store. That whole wonderful happenstance was insane and awesome! I hadn't been aware of store release dates at the time since I had never tried to do a reserve before, buying mostly second hand and the occasional birthday present direct when Tokyo Rebel had it's original store on Avenue B, so I didn't realize I would be there just in time. 

But still, I will always remember the awe walking into Marui and going up the escalators to the floor for Alice and The Pirates shop and seeing it right when I walked was simply amazing!

And thinking that it was just an off chance that I'd see any of the series pieces it was so much fun being taken by the shop girl with a blouse and petticoat to try it on with. I knew I looked like a mess and was probably horrifying to be seen trying it on without makeup or my hairdone up nicely but the staff was wonderful and helped me pick out all sorts of things to make a coord.

The details of this piece are so lovely, the rouched chiffon peplum and slightly sparkled print with all the details of Neverland, I will never get over this series. And recently, I've received some things to add on to the entire coord.

What's your most prized piece? Was there a great experience in acquiring it? Comment below, I'd love to hear your story!

This past Christmas a friend gave me the matching necklace from the series, I was so excited I threw it on right after opening it. (Thank you again Tenshi!) Another piece I recently got was the AAtp clock bag in cream for my birthday. (I should really do a haul post...)

Anywho, NFF is my most prized piece in my wardrobe and if you wish to hear more from other Lolitas who have written on the topic check them out on their blogs here:

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Going to grab a cup now and enjoy, cheers!


  1. Wow, I've never seen Night Fairy Fantasia in this colorway before! It looks absolutely wonderful on you <3