Tuesday, September 2, 2014

LBC: The Picture That Made You Fall In Love With Lolita

The very picture that made me fall in love with Lolita Fashion....

This is the first image of Lolita fashion that I could find.

I was researching 80's hair bands for a production of Midsummer I was directing back around 2004 (I think it was 2004) and I stumbled upon Malice Mizer and other Visual~Kei bands and kept clicking because I loved the look. It was then that I stumbled on this little pretty.

The coord was just striking to me, it still is. The ruffles and Peter Pan collar with the hat were enough to catch my eye. As I look back on it now, I wish I had thought to follow the fashion more and find the places to get involved with it but I had been in the middle of working a show and was distracted, unfortunately, and follow through.

I do remember the style starting to influence how I dressed and what I choose for my wardrobe, though. I had started to change up the regular Lara Croft look I was told I always wore for more visual~Kei like outfits. I tried to find longer skirts that would accommodate just enough poof because even though it was around that time where Lolita was just starting to add so many layers and pieces I was always into the poofy look it had.

I think I already made a post about this a long time ago but it's nice to revisit it.

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  1. It seems I had a very similar reaction to you! This was also the image that inspired me. There is just something about what she gives off that is breathtaking.

    1. I absolutely agree that she does! What was the next thing you remember about finding Lolita fashion? I think I found those Fruits and Gothic and Lolita books hanging around Borders. Lol