Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Project Goals For Rufflecon

Aaaahhhhh!!! The con is only 12 days away and I am not ready!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!

I guess you can tell which stage of the game procrastination I'm at....

But, never fear, my frillies! Your's truly, Madeline Hatter is getting a full week off if work to panic and not procrastinate. And I do have a plan of attack for this week and the next, but to keep myself grounded here is a rundown of projects that I've been working on little by little.

The first and most important project is my new blouse for my Fragrant Rose Memories coordinate. I've already made the shell of the blouse and need to do the darting and Juliet sleeves, all I need to add to the sleeves are the circular flounces at the bottoms. I'm going to use this gorgeous lace to them and the neckline, which I'm dropping and adding another ruffle. I also bought beautiful buttons.

I don't have much time for this one but I can pump out the blouse in a full day or two.

The second would be the headdress I've been working on to match it. I've been checking out every store that has fake flowers to find the best matches to what's on the rosemary colorway of the jsk and I plan on adding a few jeweled chains here and there.

The next is another floral corsage for one coordinate that kind of was last minute and I'm thinking will be absolutely awesome! I'm actually doing a minor variation on the Leo constellation coordinate I did a while ago for the Lolita Blog Carnival. It won't be an exact match but that idea is where I'm starting with minor variations and...well...it's a secret. OMy headdress though will be EPIC!

My masquerade mask will be probably the last thing I really need to do. I may decide to go and do it with make-up.

I also have to finish a necklace for My First Soirée....I feel as though I am forgetting a few things but for really making things I think my plans are laid out here. There are a few extra things though, which basically means I will be a basket case sometime before the con....

Another project, and sooooooo last minute and unplanned, would be a whole other jsk/op (who the frak really knows!) but that would be more of a leisure piece and possibly to keep my head on straight more than anything else.

And last! Last! Last! Would be my business cards. A lot of other girls are doing them too and I have been wanting to make some. My plans are to collect as many as possible! Mwahahaha!

So those are my plans for tomorrow....I need to go brew myself a whole lot of tea....have a cup or three. Enjoy yours while I go a little nutty over mine!

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