Friday, September 12, 2014

Tokyo Rebel and Baby NYC Store Review!!!

Hello frillies!

Last month I managed a trek down to Baby the Stars Shine Bright NYC and Tokyo Rebel's store down on Allens Street in New York for my birthday and bought some fabulous pieces. I figured it actually would be good to do a haul post and a review of the store as well. It simply seems everyone has been too excited (including me) about actually having a brand store back on the east coast that some things get forgotten.

But this doesn't mean my eyes were all starry and goofy the entire time as I nearly paraded to and through the store. *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* 

So the first thing I did notice was that the shop was twice as wide as the original Tokyo Rebel had been. Length wise it was nearly the same, a little deeper though, so all in all it's bigger than most tof the other Lolita shops I've been too in Japan and the US. Most shops are small especially in shopping centers and are about the size of the original TR shop space, so this was very nice.

The set up is sooo cute and wonderful! A few tables and stands in the middle with different accessories and pieces on display, all done up and decked out. When there are parasols to be had they are placed around the store on the displays or racks. Blythe dolls and bags adorn the shelves and posters decorate the walls and manaquins are set with different coordinates in the shop windows. I honestly can not wait to go back!

There was a few things that I noted that they should put on their website and came as a bit of a shock to me since I've had a completely different experience in the past with every shop I've been too. Now this was major but not a bad thing to have as rules, I honestly think these are very good rules but left me completely unprepared. 

The first, and not an issue for me and definitely smartest, was that bags and water bottles were asked to be left behind the counter. Most shops do this, not even a shock, you don't want anything spilling on things and damaging them, for sure. And well the bags is very obvious, of course.

Second, which this one was the real surprise to me, was that you aren't allowed to try things on without a blouse or t-shirt. 

I know some people may think me dumb because it may seem common sense but all of my past experiences with any Lolita brand store, including TR, never had that as a rule. Every year for my birthday when TR was on Avenue B I'd go try on a few pieces and then buy one for my birthday. Never had to wear a blouse or tee and never asked. And in Japan they had a blouse and petticoat to try things on and I saw that I was not the only girl who was handed one to do so. So obviously I would not readily jump to this conclusion.

This truly isn't an issue for most lolita who go to try things on, but I happened to be wearing jeans and a sparkly flowy tank since it was mid~summer so you can see my problem. 

I feel silly now though since it would of course make better sense and be easier for keeping pieces in better condition to sell. All I can say is if you are not going to wear Lolita to the store either wear a tee or bring one you can have tucked in your bag. 

Next time I shall come prepared! Mwahahaha!

All in all, the staff was super nice and the standards are excellent for shop keeping and product safety. It is truly wonderful to have Tokyo Rebel back in NY and to finally have a Baby the Stars Shine Bright as well.

I'm sorry I didn't really get any pictures, but I'll make a haul post of what I bought soon.

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