Monday, October 27, 2014

LBC: Your Halloween Style

As most of you frillies who read this blog know, I love Halloween! It has to be my most favorite holiday of the year and I love finding out all the little historic tidbits about it as well as enjoy the candy filled events that accompany it. This year will be a bit different for me though as I will not be participating in a full night of horror movies and trick~or~treaters.

The reason being is it will be my wedding day.

How this relates to this blog post is surprisingly simple. I will be dressed in mostly brand pieces from Enchantilly and Alice and The Pirates, anything else will be handmade or antique pieces that I've found on my journey through life. I'm very excited about this since it is my wedding and the dress is very special to me and working on all of it has been easy and simply but elegant. My veil will be two layers that I put together or made with pearls and flowers and a mask to add the an elegant Halloween feel and to give a longer look I added a lacey tulle underskirt from Alice and The Pirates.

I'll post pictures after the wedding of what I wear ^_^.

For past Halloween styles I have always gone out and put together something usually witchy and cute.

So for all of you frillies who have been keeping up on the Lolita Blog Carnival check out the others who have posted for this topic! If you want to learn more about the LBC or join you can look us up here, but please read the rules prior to asking to join.
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