Monday, November 24, 2014

Bout Time For A Wardrobe/Haul Post Frillies

As the holiday seasons approach I have been planning on reorganizing my wardrobe. I keep seeing other Lolita's post their wardrobe organizing process, tips, storage, and closet clean outs and figure 'Tis the season!'

I did recently score a few ridiculously awesomely priced purchases and I do know what my Christmas gift from the hubby is and I'm on the verge of blasting MC Melody Dolls songs on my iPad as I organize. In reality this may turn into rolling on the floor in a pile of frills. Let's see how long my resolve to organize holds up.

As far as having any sort of lists, I like having very specific ones with dates and colors, I'm almost OCD about the list. The actual organizing the wardrobe part....not so much. I have put them in orders of colors, by style, and by brand, and then a combination of color and brand, but I have yet to find a way of organizing that I like.

How do you get your wardrobe to be how you like it? What tips do you like? Don't hesitate to share.
In the past I've held off on doing any kind of wardrobe post not seeing a need or having a desire to do so. However, I've found a reason on simply being able to organize what I have and reflect on how I've grown in this fashion. I have only ever sold about 3 pieces due to sizing issues so what you see here is what I have acquired since the beginning. I still view my wardrobe as a work in progress and hope others see theirs as one as well.

So, without further ado, I bring you my wardrobe.

My Very First Purchases.
Btssb, Tartan Check JSK, Blue
IW, Trump Alice Long JSK, Dusty Rose
The Dream Dress Section
Aatp, Night Fairy Fantasia JSK I, Cloud Sky
Aatp, Night Fairy Fantasia JSK II, Starry Night
Btssb, Fragrant Rose Memories Camelot JSK, Rosemary
Btssb, My Sweet Mate Kumya Trick Or Treat JSK, Ms. Witch
Dream Piece Section
Triple Fortune, Bonnet!!! Pink
Fanciest Of The Fancy
Btssb, Soiree Of The Beginning Of My Memories OP, Ivory (Matching Bonnet)
JetJ, Le Décor De Ruban OP, Grey
Chantilly, Chantillic Ribbon OP, White
Aatp, Last Note ~Faint Spring Song~ JSK, Ivory
Semi-Sweet Stuff
Btssb, Alice Trick~Or~Treat JSK, Black
Btssb, Flowers And Ribbons Salon OP, Black
Btssb, Sweet Jewelry Princess JSK, Black (Matching Headbow)
AP, Sweet Strawberry Ribbon JSK, Black (Matching Headdress)
  ETC, Ice Cream Sundae JSK, Black
AatP, Rose Ribbon Back JSK, Wine
IW, Rose Playing Cards JSK, Red (Matching Headbow + Socks)
More Classic Frills

IW, Trump Alice Short JSK, Black
Btssb. Floral JSK, Cream
Meta, Pintuck JSK, Navy
Btssb, Houndstooth Scallop JSK, Red (Matching Headbow)
VM Beth, Floral OP, Pink
IW, Ball At Versailles High Waisted JSK, Biege
Sweet And Pink

Btssb, Cherry Cherry Falling Cherry Frill JSK, Pink (Matching Headbow)
Btssb, Café Print Candy JSK, Pink
Btssb, Alice Portrait Skirt, Pink
Btssb, Alice Chess Print JSK, Pink
Btssb, Alice's Mirage in Paradox White Queen JSK, Pink (Matching Bonnet)
A+Lidel Carosel JSK, Blue
AP, School Girl Halterneek JSK, Blue
AP, Floral Halterneck JSK, Mint (Matching Headbow)
Btssb, Marrianne OP, Pink (Matching Headbow)
AP, Back Ribbon Jacket, Magenta
AP, Vertical Lace And Ribbon Skirt, Magenta
Btssb, Bon-Bon Chocolate Dance Dance Dance Praline Jsk, Off-white

Some Darker Hues

Btssb, Scalloped Hem JSK, Black
AP, Scallop Ribbon Color Scheme Halterneck JSK, Black (Matching Headbow)
Meta, Music Note Bustle JSK, Black
Meta, Shirred OP, Black
Meta, Houndstooth Underbust JSK, Black
AatP, Merry Making In The Ghost Town JSK I, Red (Matching Headbow + Socks)
Meta, Vintage Record High Waisted Pinafore JSK, Navy
Aatp, Funeral Procession Of Rose ~ Aria Blooming In Twilight JSK I, Lavendar
Fruits And Sweets

AP, Candy Treat JSK, Lavender (Matching Headbow)
AP, Dream Drop JSK, Lavender
Meta, Gingham Cherry JSK, Pink
Meta, Vintage Cherry Ribbon JSK, Yellow (Matching Headbow)
Blouses & Boleros
Aatp, Jozielia Blouse, Ivory
Meta, High Collared Flared Sleeve Blouse, White
VM, Lace Ribbon Puff Sleeved Blouse, Black
Btssb, Peter Pan Collared Blouse, White
AP, Dot Chiffon Bolero, White


Btssb, Merry Pagota Parasol, Pink
Btssb, Lace & Frill Parasol, Cream
Lumiebre, Alice Parasol, Black

Accessories Without A Match

Meta, Biscuit Headbow, Pink
Aatp, Victorian Card Print Bonnet, Black
Aatp, Victorian Card Print Headdress, Pink
IW, Half-Bonnet, Black
Btssb, Headbow, Pink
Btssb, Alice Clock Bag, Ivory
Aatp, Fairytale Book Bag, Black
Aatp, Lace Tulle Underskirt, Off-white
Chantilly, Detachable Bow, Blue
AP, Dream Fantasy Ponchette Bag, Pink

Okay so that is all of my BRAND I own not including any bodyline I own (a few blouses), Off-Brand blouse (lots of those), Hand-made jsks, blouse, and headdress (a whole ton of these and more coming), and Indie Brand (of which I have only one blouse, one dot chiffon overcoat, and one jsk).
Just one section but most of this is the brand stuffs.
What's in YOUR Wardrobe?
So now that I have the brand part out of the way, here is an extremely messy photo of a part of this wardrobe...It's a mess and this is why I need to organize....and I have two more blouses, 2 boleros, and a jsk coming in soon....
The bottom row are all of the bows and bonnets and headdresses, all out of sorts looking, but they are actually placed in two rows and not as messy as they appear. 
I will be back in a few hours...days...if no one hears from me then I've been swallowed by the brand monster...


Saturday, November 22, 2014

LBC: A Coord Inspired By Your Favorite Novel

This type of post was a long time coming.

Picking just one story was very difficult for me as I pick up a new book to read and get whisked off on another adventure and distracted by imagery and intrigue! Though I don't live my life by reading my life away I do spend a rather large quantity of time pouring over the pages. Just a few posts ago I made several coordinates based off of fairy tale stories, which I rather enjoy.

I decided to go with Death On The Cliffwalk by Mary Kruegar.

I had tried to make a coord based around one of the main characters dresses but fell short due to constant procrastination, however this time I pushed through. I did have to zip through a few pages to look up an outfit that the heroine wears, there are quite a few to choose that could do even a little justice.

Anywho, here I go with what I have available at the moment.

The story is set in the hot seat of Rhode Island's high society summer cottages, home of the Vanderbilts, Astors, and quite a few more, during the summer of 1895. Women's fashion consisted of high collars, flowery, feather hats, and big bustleslike you couldn't believe!

I choose IW Playing Cards jsk do to the style and the rose motif throughout the dress. The story is a mystery in which the killer leaves his victims on the cliffwalks between Newport estates with a single rose placed nearby to make everyone suspect a serial killer targeting maids.

Rose cameo broaches and earrings to add to the look.

I would dye these to match the dress better.
I know this is all rather short and not collaged or anything like that but I hope you enjoyed this post. I hope it also encourages you to pick up the book and take a read, it's short and simple and an easy read to pass the time.

So check out these other frillies who wrote about their favorite novel inspired coord!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Little Behind In Things...

Welcome all!

I just recently got back from maybe one of the most scheduled packed months of my life. Rufflecon was the starting point with previous months of planning and putting together of coords and sewing/crafting projects and then catapulted into my comms annual Halloween meet up of Frills and Chills that my friend, SweetOkashi and myself plan every year.

However, this was not all in the high velocity planning department over here at The Bloody Tea Party, oh no, it was not that simple. October was the month I was to marry my then fiancé now husband (weird things happen) and I had a little less than a month to pull together a very family gathering for the last day of the month to hold a wedding on.

I had bought my dress at Rufflecon actually from Enchantilly! Here is one picture of the dress, I still don't have many but this is probably the best I have.

The ceremony had been held on the balcony and it was actually pretty windy out so this lovely little dot chiffon overcoat was a lovely addition gifted to me by my best friend and Matron of Honor Sweet, which made of lovely addition to my outfit. I actually made my veil and since it was Halloween day I wanted to incorporate something fitting and added a mask I decorated in flowers and jewels and lace. I elongated the onepiece by adding a lace tulle underskirt from Alice and The Pirates which gave a nice touch as well.

Overall, it was a lovely ceremony and reception and yes I wore Lolita because it wouldn't be my wedding without it.

After all that I've been cleaning house and planning new things for me trying to get my life in order. I will be posting more sewing projects, I have one on the burner at this very moment, and post about the awesomeness of my serger and any new purchases I get (I think I still have a haul post to write about from August....).

Anywho, there is more to come!!!!

Until next time, be prepared for more exploits here at The Bloody Tea Party.