Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Little Behind In Things...

Welcome all!

I just recently got back from maybe one of the most scheduled packed months of my life. Rufflecon was the starting point with previous months of planning and putting together of coords and sewing/crafting projects and then catapulted into my comms annual Halloween meet up of Frills and Chills that my friend, SweetOkashi and myself plan every year.

However, this was not all in the high velocity planning department over here at The Bloody Tea Party, oh no, it was not that simple. October was the month I was to marry my then fiancĂ© now husband (weird things happen) and I had a little less than a month to pull together a very family gathering for the last day of the month to hold a wedding on.

I had bought my dress at Rufflecon actually from Enchantilly! Here is one picture of the dress, I still don't have many but this is probably the best I have.

The ceremony had been held on the balcony and it was actually pretty windy out so this lovely little dot chiffon overcoat was a lovely addition gifted to me by my best friend and Matron of Honor Sweet, which made of lovely addition to my outfit. I actually made my veil and since it was Halloween day I wanted to incorporate something fitting and added a mask I decorated in flowers and jewels and lace. I elongated the onepiece by adding a lace tulle underskirt from Alice and The Pirates which gave a nice touch as well.

Overall, it was a lovely ceremony and reception and yes I wore Lolita because it wouldn't be my wedding without it.

After all that I've been cleaning house and planning new things for me trying to get my life in order. I will be posting more sewing projects, I have one on the burner at this very moment, and post about the awesomeness of my serger and any new purchases I get (I think I still have a haul post to write about from August....).

Anywho, there is more to come!!!!

Until next time, be prepared for more exploits here at The Bloody Tea Party.

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