Sunday, December 21, 2014

An Afternoon Of Frills And Tea

Lolita fashion, for me, is not a small thing. I feel lucky for what I have and for the ability to make and the time to wear it. I also consider myself very lucky that my family and my husbands family like it or are used to it enough to know this is just what I like to wear.

What I love though is that my sister-in-law and her daughter find it just as much fun as I do. From time to time we will wear it if we go out someplace fun or interesting, one that doesn't involve food even though we are foodies, but it's fun to enjoy with them.

Today we enjoyed our own little afternoon tea with a friend and her daughter, both of whom dress in Lolita. We had planned to have our own little get together for a while now for just us and the little ones who both wear and love the frills just as much as we do. We did figure a small group with just them and parents would be nice and they wouldn't feel too shy and get their own little group going. Boy was that a great idea!

Everyone came to my house and prepped and baked for our afternoon tea. It was super messy and delightful and delicious. Once the mixing and plating of sandwiches and table setting was done the girls got extremely giggly and played for a good while as the three of us talked and finished up with the baking. Everyone had dressed up except for my sister-in-law whom the girls picked out an excellent coordinate for so we sent her off to change.

After that, we had actually finished baking and brewing teas and hot chocolates everything went so well. It was nice to enjoy the afternoon at the table with music and good food and good company.  It was so nice to encourage a younger group to enjoy frills. Do you have anyone like this in your family or comm?

Our spread (Credit: Michiru)

Friday, December 19, 2014

LBC: Personal Lolita Goals For 2015

Every year I look at what's happened, coordinates I've made, sewing and crafting projects I've completed, and meets I've attended or hosted. There seems to be a few things that I always set aside in hopes to do but they always seem more meet up related. This weeks LBC involves blogging about our personal Lolita goals for next year.

★ Hosting More Extravagant or Intriguing Meet Ups 

This is always one of the biggest goals for me. I love being going places that have an interesting bit of history or decorations or involve having an activity to do. I think it works as a good ice breaker, especially if you are new and haven't met anyone in your local comms yet, and the location offers to open dialogue or is simply pleasing/interesting to be around.

This past August, one of my dear friends and I hosted an afternoon tea at the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast. It included a house tour as well as having the afternoon tea which was held in the dinning room amongst some of the artifacts of the house and case files tucked away on display in the cabinet. There were prizes and games and intriguing, only one meet of a few like this, but I hope to do more or attend more in 2015.

★Having More Mini-Meets★

As much as I LOVE bigger more detailed meets I also miss and would love to go to more mini-meets at one of my comms local haunts. My comm has a lot of lovely frilly people and are certainly welcome to these but I do miss going with a few of my closer frillies and just enjoy cupcakes and tea.

Short. Simple. Sweet.

★Sewing More Outfits And Crafting★
Now that I have my serger up and going I have been running mad through my fabric stashes and cutting out different styles of jsks and ops and blouses. I have 4 I can complete without having to run to the fabric store, which is almost impossible! And as for crafting I've been beading and making headdresses for prizes or to wear for different meets so...

I would like to make more outfits and pieces for myself for meets and maybe create a stock to start a small store.

★Better Coords★

My cords are not the best. I do tend to wear Lolita every time I go out that I am not working and I don whatever happens to floats my boat that day but it doesn't mean I'm very good at coordinating. I would simply like to improve my cords, hair, and my make up skills.


★Blog More★
I'd like to blog more, improve my writing and share. I keep meaning to make more posts but I get caught up with other know the usual life stuff. But I enjoy blogging so I'd like to do more.
★Take More Pictures★
Whether at meet ups or simple coord shots I sometimes forget I have a camera and forget to use it even if I want to catch a memory or moment that I'm cherishing. But I suppose that's just it I'm in the moment so much that I forget which is okay too. And to couple with this thought I need to learn to pose and take better pictures. I'm just so derpy!
★Buy Mo' Brand★
Any color but really looking for the red.
Okay so this is what everyone more or less wants but getting a few more dream dresses and staple pieces (I need to make or buy a lavender blouse to match the black Night Fairy Fantasia!) would be great.
Something like this would be close to ideal.


This weeks LBC seems to have inspired quite a few bloggers and I'm super excited to see such a huge response. Check them out!

Friday, December 12, 2014

LBC: Winter Lolita Look

This weeks Lolita Blog Carnival is going for a Winter Lolita Look and I have looked through my wardrobe and pondered what would do. My mind went to fur caplets and wintery colors and layers of fabric and all I wanted to do was throw on some frills and chill out with a new hot chocolate mix that I cooked up.
And this is what I could think of closest to a winter look off the top of my head for a winter look.
Small Rundown:
Blouse/Bloomers/Petti: Handmade
JSK/Headbow: Btssb
Shoes (Not Seen): Antaina
Everything Else: Offbrand

The heavy wool dresses always make me feel like I'm ready for winter and the cold. What I'd like to add to this would be a beret and a cardigan but this is what I have and feel is appropriate.
If you would like to learn more about the topics or the Lolita Blog Carnival as a whole feel free to check us out, here. If you wish to join be sure to follow the rules in the description of the group.
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Thanks for reading!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Winter International Lolita Day 2014

This year's ILD Winter was fabulous! That's pretty much all that needs to be said for the event. The RI comm and Boston comm held a joint meet at the Boston's Langham hotel's Reserve lounge, which the hostesses, Sweet Okashi, East Coast Pocket Princess, and your's truly picked for our venture.

It was an afternoon tea service that was super delicious and enjoyable for all. The Langham was impeccable and cattered to our every need which was prearranged with the staff to adjust the space to our 35 person guest list. They were also very obliging with taking care of our allergy list and dietary restrictions for those who could not eat peanuts or were vegetarian or vegan, ensuring delicious goodies for all! The staff were also very lovely taking group pictures for our tables and even the concierge got involved with taking a huge group photo for us in the lobby.

We were well taken care of for certain.

As for surprises and gifts we has outdone ourselves and had 3 prizes, a necklace from me, in red, gold, and clear beads to resemble a bit of a snowflake, a hair conotier in white and gold from Sweets shop Altilier Sucre, a gift certificate for $25 for Baby NYC, and handmade ornaments, made by my mother and I, for everyone. 

The prizes were awarded by lottery which was drawn by numbers printed on the backs of our seating cards that Sweet made, which were super cute! We used a number generator on our phones and it made things much easier for our event.

Everyone was super excited and I believe thoroughly enjoyed the event and the tea service. People took pictures and chatted and I did pretty much goof off with my girls, which I think everyone did pretty much. We did have people coming to their first meet and a ton of regulars from both comms which was fabulous. I don't usually get to venture that often into Boston comm territory so for me it was great and I got to meet a lot of new faces that I had seen on fb.

As far as coordinates go I was super tricked out with my dream coordinate! I kid you not, I have a dream Coord and I was beside myself with how cute I thought it was. I have dreamed of wearing Baby's Fragrant Rose Memories with a pink Triple Fortune bonnet, which I missed my chance to aquire at Rufflecon this past October, and I had simply lucked out this year because a girl I had met was selling one she acquired at RC and I swooped it up. Mwahahahahahaaaa!


The pinks, I believe, picked up the pinks in the Jsk nicely. (Please excuse my excitement)

I truly enjoyed the food, the friends, and the meet as a whole, it was super lovely and I am so glad to have been able to help out.


Friday, December 5, 2014

LBC: 2015 Lolita Trend Forecast

Thank you for joining us tonight with the Lolita Blog Carnival for this years prediction of the 2015 Lolita Trend Forecast. I'm your host, Madeline Hatter, reporting to you semi~conscious and full of tea!

We'll definitely be more into Indie Brands this coming year. More Lolita will be interested in not just Korean or Chinese indie brands but there has been an uprising of US based brands that I think people are starting to get a little more into.

Not only are we having an uprising of Classic Lolita, mantillas are taking the fashion community by storm. And they come in different lengths and styles which seems to really get a lot of Lolitas going. I believe this trend is going to get stronger and come out with several shades to compliment coords.

The cuts and lengths of our frills are beginning to change and I think this will get stronger and widen the spectrum for more fun in the fashion. Lolitas seem to be enjoying more umpire waists and longer lengths of skirts that are not just cupcake shape. I for one am enjoying this and think this is a wonderful trend to encourage.

And all you faint of frilly hearts prepare yourselves, the rise of boy~style is imminent! It has been silently taking a foothold within our community and it will become a storm to be reckoned with. Be still your little hearts and watch out for some saucy eye action from a pantalooned thief of hearts! I truly believe this may have been a result of Rufflecon.

So watch out for the inclement fashion storm coming frillies and check out others who have taken to this topic for the Lolita Blog Carnival!

F Yeah Lolita