Sunday, December 21, 2014

An Afternoon Of Frills And Tea

Lolita fashion, for me, is not a small thing. I feel lucky for what I have and for the ability to make and the time to wear it. I also consider myself very lucky that my family and my husbands family like it or are used to it enough to know this is just what I like to wear.

What I love though is that my sister-in-law and her daughter find it just as much fun as I do. From time to time we will wear it if we go out someplace fun or interesting, one that doesn't involve food even though we are foodies, but it's fun to enjoy with them.

Today we enjoyed our own little afternoon tea with a friend and her daughter, both of whom dress in Lolita. We had planned to have our own little get together for a while now for just us and the little ones who both wear and love the frills just as much as we do. We did figure a small group with just them and parents would be nice and they wouldn't feel too shy and get their own little group going. Boy was that a great idea!

Everyone came to my house and prepped and baked for our afternoon tea. It was super messy and delightful and delicious. Once the mixing and plating of sandwiches and table setting was done the girls got extremely giggly and played for a good while as the three of us talked and finished up with the baking. Everyone had dressed up except for my sister-in-law whom the girls picked out an excellent coordinate for so we sent her off to change.

After that, we had actually finished baking and brewing teas and hot chocolates everything went so well. It was nice to enjoy the afternoon at the table with music and good food and good company.  It was so nice to encourage a younger group to enjoy frills. Do you have anyone like this in your family or comm?

Our spread (Credit: Michiru)

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