Thursday, January 1, 2015

LBC: Lolita Holiday Wishlist

Every Lolita will have a wishlist. Some have a mile long one while others only a few pieces. My wishlist happens to be getting my room to look like a Lolita brand store! In my more realistic wishlists it's to have more staple pieces like blouses and petticoats, but a frilly dream of a store sized closet isn't a terrible thing, is it?

Here is a short abbreviated list of things I think I need for my wardrobe and not so much everything I would love to see hanging up on my racks list.

★Chiffon Blouses★

Something like this, in pink, would be ideal for my wardrobe right now but maybe with a Peter Pan collar for My Sweet Mate Kumya Chan's Trick~Or~Treat! If I could get similar ones in creams, black, or whites that would be all the better too for other coordinates that I feel really could use them.

★Black Cat, Witch, And The Apple Tree★
I'm a sucker for this dress and I think I simply need all of the Baby and Aatp August/Halloween releases. I'm simply going to keep looking for that reasonably priced jsk and it really doesn't matter which colorway at this point...

★Matching Triple Fortune Bonnet★
If I were to ever get my hands on a red colorway of Black Cat I would so want to snag that new red and black bonnet from 3F to match. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN! If not I would simple wish to make a matching one to that particular jsk.

★A Better Petticoat★

Both A-line and Cupcake shaped. I need better for both and I haven't had the time nor ability to get to a store and buy fabric for one. I do know how to make one now though but I didn't have any organza or even heavy tulle to make one.

★More Fabric And Lace★
 There can never be too much fabric and lace in the life of a Lolita. It would be great to have more at my disposal and make more of the things I need and want. I would probably have at least 5 or 10 more blouses, especially with my serger up and going.

So that's what I have on my most recent wishlist. To see what other frillies have on theirs check them out here:

Lace Teapot
Poppy Noir
East Coast Pocket Princess
Red Sakura Beauty
The Kingdom Of Frilly Magic



  1. Replies
    1. It's definitely dream dress status for me right now.

  2. Lovely wish list!
    I think they are 3F red and black bonnets for sale on Kera website?

    There was also one on yahoo auctions

    1. Oh Mini, you're awesome! Thanks for scoping them out and sending me links, I just missed it...but I'll recheck the KERA shop. Last I had checked they were sold out but if they've restocked....XD