Sunday, December 7, 2014

Winter International Lolita Day 2014

This year's ILD Winter was fabulous! That's pretty much all that needs to be said for the event. The RI comm and Boston comm held a joint meet at the Boston's Langham hotel's Reserve lounge, which the hostesses, Sweet Okashi, East Coast Pocket Princess, and your's truly picked for our venture.

It was an afternoon tea service that was super delicious and enjoyable for all. The Langham was impeccable and cattered to our every need which was prearranged with the staff to adjust the space to our 35 person guest list. They were also very obliging with taking care of our allergy list and dietary restrictions for those who could not eat peanuts or were vegetarian or vegan, ensuring delicious goodies for all! The staff were also very lovely taking group pictures for our tables and even the concierge got involved with taking a huge group photo for us in the lobby.

We were well taken care of for certain.

As for surprises and gifts we has outdone ourselves and had 3 prizes, a necklace from me, in red, gold, and clear beads to resemble a bit of a snowflake, a hair conotier in white and gold from Sweets shop Altilier Sucre, a gift certificate for $25 for Baby NYC, and handmade ornaments, made by my mother and I, for everyone. 

The prizes were awarded by lottery which was drawn by numbers printed on the backs of our seating cards that Sweet made, which were super cute! We used a number generator on our phones and it made things much easier for our event.

Everyone was super excited and I believe thoroughly enjoyed the event and the tea service. People took pictures and chatted and I did pretty much goof off with my girls, which I think everyone did pretty much. We did have people coming to their first meet and a ton of regulars from both comms which was fabulous. I don't usually get to venture that often into Boston comm territory so for me it was great and I got to meet a lot of new faces that I had seen on fb.

As far as coordinates go I was super tricked out with my dream coordinate! I kid you not, I have a dream Coord and I was beside myself with how cute I thought it was. I have dreamed of wearing Baby's Fragrant Rose Memories with a pink Triple Fortune bonnet, which I missed my chance to aquire at Rufflecon this past October, and I had simply lucked out this year because a girl I had met was selling one she acquired at RC and I swooped it up. Mwahahahahahaaaa!


The pinks, I believe, picked up the pinks in the Jsk nicely. (Please excuse my excitement)

I truly enjoyed the food, the friends, and the meet as a whole, it was super lovely and I am so glad to have been able to help out.


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