Wednesday, January 28, 2015

It's Snowing!!!

Which this means I will be making more things for my future shop and personal Lolita wear, cuddling and playing kitties, while drinking hot chocolate. Not all at once but pretty close as yesterday I was doing similar things as if I had some sever caffeinated moments yesterday (I don't drink coffee).

I added little pearls in all the roses.

But for a little play by play this is what I have going on at the moment.

Haircombs I'll be adding pearls and anchor charms too

I've been holding true to my new years resolution and working on a big project like jsks and bonnets or blouses or start to finish, small ones like rosettes and headbows and wristcuffs.

I'm currently doing finishing touches on a dress I've been making for myself that I've made from scratch and wish to use the pattern for my future shop and I've cut out a bonnet, almost finished a cannotier, and a matching rosette for it. I still want to make a small headdress for it, as well, I've lucked out with tons of scraps that I've been able to use for different smaller accessories. I can't wait to have everything done!

All I need is enough of that soft gold lace to add to the skirt and neckline.

I have so many smaller projects it's all over my sewing table and I'm thinking of ways to solve this little problem. A few I will be definitely keeping as they are tests or for fun (my Hogwarts rosette ^_^) and some are gifts but regardless I'll need a way of housing them without being overrun.

Do you have projects going on to keep yourself busy this snow day? What are some of your favorite projects you've been working on or completed? I'd love to hear so drop a comment and share!

I'll be posting all of these and my other finished hand~made dresses and blouse projects in another post shortly. Until then brew up a nice pot of tea to warm yourselves up in this cold and enjoy the tea party!

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