Saturday, January 24, 2015

LBC: Coord Made Completely From Handmade Or Local Clothing And Accessories

The LBC this week made me go all through my hand~mades and try to find a cream blouse to match half of it but this one I settled on because it had a decent picture.

I decided to go the quick route and post a pic I've had from an earlier meet from last year.

Everything is handmade by me unless it is bought from an antique shop or shoe store.

Blouse/OP/Underskirt/Bloomers/Petticoat: Handmade
Jewelry/Hat: Antique
Shoes/Socks: Store bought...from somewhere I forget but I believe the shoes are from T.J. Maxx
My goal this year is to make much more like this and I have a particular piece in the works that I'm very proud of that I can't wait to post. 
Check out the other bloggers who wrote for this topic and what they coordinated with handmade and local pieces. If you'd like to learn more about the LBC check them out on FB. Don't forget to read the description if you want to join in!


  1. Beautiful. You are very talented, the dress is just perfect! Haha, that axe!XD

    1. Thank you! This dress is going to go under a little more work in the next few months.
      The axe was actually from the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast and I don't think I have a full coord shot without it.