Friday, February 6, 2015

LBC: Who Inspires You In Lolita Fashion

Hello all you Frillitas! We're going to be writing about who inspires us in Lolita with the Lolita Blog Carnival. I'm very excited because this also means I've been with the LBC for over a little over a year. We did this topic around the time I joined but I wasn't able to get in on that round, but I began to get more involved at that point. This also means I've been blogging for over a year....time flies...
Looking around the Lolita community and seeing so many inspirational frillies I've come up with a few that definitely make me want to be frillier all the time. Here are only a few that really stand out to me.
My Friends
These ladies always make me so proud to be involved in this comm. They are strong, brilliant, and crafty individuals that rock out those frills like there's no tomorrow. Some are starting their own shops and brands, Atelier Sucre run by my bestie Sweet Okashi, Darcy Deco by my friend Darcy, just to name a few. Sweet does a lot of lovely Lolita accessories and clothing and Darcy paints commissioned teacups and teapots in prints you like, check them out. (I'll be getting a teacup I've commissioned from her soon and I'll write up a review!) My friends are pretty darn fantastic and I was lucky enough to meet them through Lolita.

Fumiko Kawamura of Chantilly
I think she is just so super cute and lovely! She was so kind and nice when I met her at Rufflecon 2014 and getting to see all of the wonderful things she has made up close and personal was really cool. You could also tell how much care she put into her work and that she enjoyed what she was doing and interacting with the customers. She is incredibly talented and her brand image and designs are all inspirational to me. Her cords are of course all her own and every time I see pics of her she is just always so super cute. So super cute, super kind, super talented, shows her care for people and her work.
If you want to see who inspires who with the LBC crew check their posts out here:
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