Friday, March 27, 2015

LBC: Where Do You Get Your Lolita Inspiration From

When you look at Lolita fashion whether as a distant observer or a highly involved participant you sometimes have to wonder "where" or "who" do you get your ideas and inspiration from. It is an ever involving fashion which makes it even more intriguing and entertaining and you can see how creative the outfits can be.

What inspires me? Well, quite a lot, really, and depending on the event it can take months of prep. ::cough cough:: ILD! ::cough cough:: Rufflecon!

A particular piece is usually what draws my inspiration and always makes me want to get crazy with coord ideas. For instance, Funeral Rose Procession from Aatp makes me want to get pieces that are gauzy, scoop neck, blouses and floral headdresses adorned with roses and calla lilies and chrysanthemums with a viel. And the idea of pairing it with tights that remind me of a serene cemetery print that would be so cool! Alas, I think I will need to  make those but I've been looking for colors to use for it.

What really inspires me is oftentimes, with meet~ups, where we are headed out to and the type of day we should be having. In general it depends on the day, the weather being cold and grey could lead to darker hues, and bright and sunny perhaps would bring out a more summery look; however, that's only a small variable in what inspires me for a meet.

If we are going for a location like a museum or out to view artwork I tend to get ideas of coordinating within a theme around maybe a particular piece in association with the venue. Finding pieces in my wardrobe to kind of have a link, whether just a small touch of it or going full on theme coord, is quite fun.
This past Frills&Chills hitting up Halloween colors.
I do tend to often look at Lolita fashion through some kind of historically tinted lens. Pulling from past styles and incorporating it in my sewing is one of my favorite things about the fashion itself. But this is just little things that pair well with classic and gothic and their substyles, I suppose.

Sooner or later bustles will be making way in my wardrobe!
Here are a few other fellow frillies with what inspires them, be sure to check them out!


Friday, March 20, 2015

LBC: How Do You Define A Lifestyle Lolita

The illusive lifestyle Lolita, lovely, transcendent, and intriguing, who's to say this creature known as the pure maiden actually exist but it has been a well known facet of the community since the beginning. Though rarely seen or believed in there is even an original and modern form that has been thought to evolve into the community, which is fascinating.
I dream of a room like this!!!
The original version of the lifestyle Lolita was known mostly as the pure maiden and is believed to be decked out from head~to~toe~to~life with kawaii. Everything would be near completely decorated to fit the life of a lifestyler, not restricted with just daily wear, home décor, books, music, tea drinking, anything that could hold to aesthetic including hobbies and work. Most notable among hobbies to be picked up would be music, baking, and sewing and crafting, but the pure maiden would have delved quite differently into them through Lolita fashion. (Not saying any of this is bad or anything like that.)
If you don't know these ladies...
Every time someone goes to think of a lifestyle Lolita ninety percent of the time people are going to reference Momoko from Novala Takemoto's story Shimetsuma Monotagari aka Kamikaze Girls. I do believe she is the best example of the ideals of the pure maiden because, though she follows through with the practices, she also has a personality that is based around refinement, indulgence, and grandeur.
Again, goal.
The modern version is mostly seen through a sort of less zealous, rose~tinted, lens, where all of these are taken into account in the very fibers of that person but the outcome is more routed around capability rather than the Novala , devil~may~care, type. This does include the same ideas based around décor and hobbies and work but the personalities of most who fall into the modern lifestyle Lolita category don't hold true to the arch~typical personality that is associated with the pure maiden. 
Well, that's all for tonight on the subject, and if you want to read more there are these lovely frillies who have weighed in on the subject. Check them out below!


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What are you're thoughts about lifestyle Lolita? Do you know anyone that falls within either style of it?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

It's Almost Time

So my wonderful frillies, if you're wondering what's going on in my life as of late and have checked up on here, you'll most likely have seen that I've been doing a lot of Lolita Blog Carnival posting and writing throughout about making things. You may also have seen me mention more about working on my indie brand that I've only been dreaming about for several years now.

I want to share my love of this fashion by selling my creations in hope that many will enjoy them and be happy with each piece I make. To do all that I've pushed past my fears and worked tirelessly but happily towards my goal of putting myself and my designs out there. I'm sticking with the blog title because it's a bit opulent and ethereal and I want to reflect that in my work.


Stay tuned for more info and links to shops and updates on new items from me. I hope you will continue to support me and follow me on this journey.

Friday, March 13, 2015

LBC: Dream Panels For A Lolita Convntion

I could name quite a few panels I would LOVE for a lolita convention and so just to name and describe a few of them they'd be these:

♥︎Care Of Brand Garments♥︎

Which would detail washing instructions and symbols and pieces that bleed, anything really that relates to cleaning tips and storage. This does have a very important place for anyone in the fashion and I think would be a very important panel to do. And I think anyone who doe such a panel should make their info available through the EGL communities and even a condensed version to handout during the panel.

♥︎Lifestyle Lolita 101♥︎

With what would Lifestyler do in day to day life and what can make them more lifestyly. This one I would love if someone made rather tongue-in-cheek with tips and polls and all sorts of fun and funny factoids about Lolita lifestylers and habits, hobbies, and budgeting and the sort. As one who feels a bit like a lifestyler I think a panel like this could be fun and interesting if done right.

♥︎Afternoon Tea In The Lolita Community♥︎

This is something I'm actually hoping to undertake for RC2015. I would like to be more informative about something most within the community enjoy and have tips and ideas compiled for making them more than  simple tea and differentiate the many different branches of Afternoon Tea as there is more than one style. I would like to also bring in small handouts with etiquette and meet up theme and games to revolve around both the fashion and the tea as well. To make it more 3dimensional I'd also like and have a sort o mini tea prepped with maybe a dessert or two and a small selection of tea. I also think that, tea drinker or not, many in the Lolita community already enjoy the atmosphere and it would be fun to have meet up plans highlighted.

I would be super excited for something like any of these but this small list is not the only ones I can think of and there are others who have dream Lolita panel ideas over at the LBC. Check those who participated out below!


Friday, March 6, 2015

LBC: Your Favorite Lolita Hairstyle

Over the past year, I have seen a strong movement in the Lolita fashion world back to more natural hairstyles. Whether wig or real hair, I find that this allows anyone joining the fashion to also have a safer path to go when it comes to coordinating and styling. Not saying that putting your hair up in a pony-tail means that your done and ready for your daily frilly adventures but definitely makes daily wear more accessible. (This does not mean put your cotton-candy colored wigs away, it simply makes it all the more striking.)
But I digress, this is mostly from what I've seen and partly opinion and now I'm going to get down into more of the later.
Favorite Hairstyles
Now I am all about the natural, or at least natural-looking, hairstyles. I vary in substyle with everything from gothic to sweet and tend to love the styles that work with the look I'm trying to achieve. At the moment I'm becoming enamored with the curly bob look.

I just got this particular wig in a type of trade, selling one I won that is definitely not my style for one that I feel suits my wardrobe and me. Not going to lie I am probably going to wear this all the time.
As for more natural real hair I like to experiment and try out new styles. Anything that goes more historically inspired like victory rolls or more Victorian styled up-dos, I really enjoy trying out the styles.

A complete up-do I think can be elegant with Lolita fashion as well, depending on the pins and tucks in a hairstyle, this particular one having a French braid on the underside of the crown, simple can be quite nice.

 Another particular style I love in Lolita hairstyles are any type of braids particularly when they are put up and tucked in and under bonnets or scooped around or behind the ears in loops. I've been using those variations a lot lately I just don't take any pics it seems.
The long wavy look is another that I do love in this fashion, I don't have long enough hair yet (or hair that cooperates enough for that matter) but I plan on more looks like this and maybe cutting some bangs into this wig.

So that was the topic for this week please check out these fabulous frillies for styles they like and maybe you'll find a style or two that you haven't thought of that you'd like to now incorporate in your hairstyle regiment.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Our Valentine's Meet

This past Saturday the Rhode Island Lolita Community and Boston Lolita Society joined forces once again and turned out another fun day on the ice for Valentine's in Providence, RI.

The rink was filled with far more people than I thought there would be considering how much snow we've had recently - it's currently snowing now and no I do not want to build a snow man, a frost giant is okay though - but it didn't hinder our group from having a stellar time. I haven't been able to get down to the rink as often as I'd like to this year so I was bouncing with energy and speeding through and circling everyone or doing some sort of trick with Sweet as we past each other on the ice.

 (My apologies, we had so much fun on the ice, we took not a single pic)
(Just pretend there is skating frilly goodness here)

Not excluding anyone new to skating, it was fun getting others to try or brushed up on their skills making a chain and trying not to go to fast and cause a tumble.

After it got a little too cold for our troops we switched gears and carpooled over to a cute little café down near me called Sweet Indulgence. It's completely decked in pink and as it was our Valentine's meet we thought it a perfect match. And as we encouraged our attendees to think Valentine's themed I decided to go all out and dress pink from head to toe with heart accents on my jsk.

The day did turn our sweet and by the end of the meet we all ate a ton of sweets and the company was fun and great too. At the end of the day I always feel grateful for the comm that I have and the people that I get to meet, I'm not sure I'd know what to do without them.