Friday, March 20, 2015

LBC: How Do You Define A Lifestyle Lolita

The illusive lifestyle Lolita, lovely, transcendent, and intriguing, who's to say this creature known as the pure maiden actually exist but it has been a well known facet of the community since the beginning. Though rarely seen or believed in there is even an original and modern form that has been thought to evolve into the community, which is fascinating.
I dream of a room like this!!!
The original version of the lifestyle Lolita was known mostly as the pure maiden and is believed to be decked out from head~to~toe~to~life with kawaii. Everything would be near completely decorated to fit the life of a lifestyler, not restricted with just daily wear, home décor, books, music, tea drinking, anything that could hold to aesthetic including hobbies and work. Most notable among hobbies to be picked up would be music, baking, and sewing and crafting, but the pure maiden would have delved quite differently into them through Lolita fashion. (Not saying any of this is bad or anything like that.)
If you don't know these ladies...
Every time someone goes to think of a lifestyle Lolita ninety percent of the time people are going to reference Momoko from Novala Takemoto's story Shimetsuma Monotagari aka Kamikaze Girls. I do believe she is the best example of the ideals of the pure maiden because, though she follows through with the practices, she also has a personality that is based around refinement, indulgence, and grandeur.
Again, goal.
The modern version is mostly seen through a sort of less zealous, rose~tinted, lens, where all of these are taken into account in the very fibers of that person but the outcome is more routed around capability rather than the Novala , devil~may~care, type. This does include the same ideas based around décor and hobbies and work but the personalities of most who fall into the modern lifestyle Lolita category don't hold true to the arch~typical personality that is associated with the pure maiden. 
Well, that's all for tonight on the subject, and if you want to read more there are these lovely frillies who have weighed in on the subject. Check them out below!


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What are you're thoughts about lifestyle Lolita? Do you know anyone that falls within either style of it?


  1. I always feel like the old style of "lifestyle lolita" turned it into a costume rather than a fashion.
    If you're going to act differently because of what you wear then you are wearing a costume, and Lolita shouldn't be a costume.
    It was always something I found pretty odd. I'm glad things have moved on a bit since then.

    1. I think a lot of people think it was a bit out there and unrealistic, I like the new modern approach as it's a lot less restricting and fits a lot of people in this fashion.