Friday, March 27, 2015

LBC: Where Do You Get Your Lolita Inspiration From

When you look at Lolita fashion whether as a distant observer or a highly involved participant you sometimes have to wonder "where" or "who" do you get your ideas and inspiration from. It is an ever involving fashion which makes it even more intriguing and entertaining and you can see how creative the outfits can be.

What inspires me? Well, quite a lot, really, and depending on the event it can take months of prep. ::cough cough:: ILD! ::cough cough:: Rufflecon!

A particular piece is usually what draws my inspiration and always makes me want to get crazy with coord ideas. For instance, Funeral Rose Procession from Aatp makes me want to get pieces that are gauzy, scoop neck, blouses and floral headdresses adorned with roses and calla lilies and chrysanthemums with a viel. And the idea of pairing it with tights that remind me of a serene cemetery print that would be so cool! Alas, I think I will need to  make those but I've been looking for colors to use for it.

What really inspires me is oftentimes, with meet~ups, where we are headed out to and the type of day we should be having. In general it depends on the day, the weather being cold and grey could lead to darker hues, and bright and sunny perhaps would bring out a more summery look; however, that's only a small variable in what inspires me for a meet.

If we are going for a location like a museum or out to view artwork I tend to get ideas of coordinating within a theme around maybe a particular piece in association with the venue. Finding pieces in my wardrobe to kind of have a link, whether just a small touch of it or going full on theme coord, is quite fun.
This past Frills&Chills hitting up Halloween colors.
I do tend to often look at Lolita fashion through some kind of historically tinted lens. Pulling from past styles and incorporating it in my sewing is one of my favorite things about the fashion itself. But this is just little things that pair well with classic and gothic and their substyles, I suppose.

Sooner or later bustles will be making way in my wardrobe!
Here are a few other fellow frillies with what inspires them, be sure to check them out!


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