Friday, March 6, 2015

LBC: Your Favorite Lolita Hairstyle

Over the past year, I have seen a strong movement in the Lolita fashion world back to more natural hairstyles. Whether wig or real hair, I find that this allows anyone joining the fashion to also have a safer path to go when it comes to coordinating and styling. Not saying that putting your hair up in a pony-tail means that your done and ready for your daily frilly adventures but definitely makes daily wear more accessible. (This does not mean put your cotton-candy colored wigs away, it simply makes it all the more striking.)
But I digress, this is mostly from what I've seen and partly opinion and now I'm going to get down into more of the later.
Favorite Hairstyles
Now I am all about the natural, or at least natural-looking, hairstyles. I vary in substyle with everything from gothic to sweet and tend to love the styles that work with the look I'm trying to achieve. At the moment I'm becoming enamored with the curly bob look.

I just got this particular wig in a type of trade, selling one I won that is definitely not my style for one that I feel suits my wardrobe and me. Not going to lie I am probably going to wear this all the time.
As for more natural real hair I like to experiment and try out new styles. Anything that goes more historically inspired like victory rolls or more Victorian styled up-dos, I really enjoy trying out the styles.

A complete up-do I think can be elegant with Lolita fashion as well, depending on the pins and tucks in a hairstyle, this particular one having a French braid on the underside of the crown, simple can be quite nice.

 Another particular style I love in Lolita hairstyles are any type of braids particularly when they are put up and tucked in and under bonnets or scooped around or behind the ears in loops. I've been using those variations a lot lately I just don't take any pics it seems.
The long wavy look is another that I do love in this fashion, I don't have long enough hair yet (or hair that cooperates enough for that matter) but I plan on more looks like this and maybe cutting some bangs into this wig.

So that was the topic for this week please check out these fabulous frillies for styles they like and maybe you'll find a style or two that you haven't thought of that you'd like to now incorporate in your hairstyle regiment.

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