Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Brace Your Frilly Bloomers...Spring Is Coming...

Are you ready for the influx of outdoor frilly adventures?

Last weekend was the annual Japanese Festival in Boston on the Commons and all the frillettes were out in full force for the event. There was so much to do and see and since this was a very relaxed meet everyone seemed was here and there. It went for a few hours so if you weren't able to come early enough (shakes fist at traffic!) you wouldn't miss everything. I was able to spot friends and chat and enjoy time with them and meet new faces as well. 

I was also excited for this particular meet as I was on a mission to take as many pictures of people as possible for a project I'm doing. I failed miserably though as opposed to taking enough pictures of everyone else I was bombarded with so many requests for pictures by event attendees it was ridiculous! I'm not sure there was a single one of us that got out unscathed and though it was tiring it was fun. It was also really nice to see so many people excited about Lolita fashion and anyone who had questions about what we were wearing it was very politely asked and no one heckled. 

My husband and his family went up together this year and my niece had dressed up in Lolita as well. She had planned out her coord for about a week or so and went out to buy some jewelry to go which was really nice. (I have more on her journey into frills for another post involving the fabric store.) 

The cherry blossoms had started to bloom which was really nice, they were a gift from Japan about 3 years ago. We had gone out the first year when they had been first planted and now we finally get to see the result.
There were a lot of things that happened during the meet and I hope to get to the next one next year. My biggest goal is to actually get a crepe and score some okonomiyaki, which I have yet to have...Hopefully next year. 

Photo By: Q-T Photography

I'm not sure about everyone else but I am so ready for Spring!

Friday, April 24, 2015

LBC: Your Favorite Lolita Garb Find

Over the last few weeks I have been debating what I think may be the best garment find I have ever landed in Lolita. I've thought through accessories, blouse, bags and all sorts of things that have been added to my wardrobe over the years and how I've stumbled on them. There are actually three that I've chosen for three different reasons.

The first one that keeps coming to mind is my Flowers and Ribbon Salon OP. I managed to find it on YahooJP! (I believe) and got it for a total of 3,000 yen. You read that right, 3,000 yen. It is by far my cheapest Lolita garment find and one of the dresses that first drove me to Lolita fashion so it makes it one of my favorites. I had a total of four jsks in that particular order so shipping wasn't bad either. 

The next would be one of my favorite finds simply do to the fact that I found it for a heck of a lot cheaper than I would have ever found it on any of the sales comms and it has Dream Dress status. This one was also in that package from the same order as the one above.

The next, last, and most important of my favorite finds is this gorgeous Chantillic Ribbon OP that I found at Rufflecon 2014 just in time for my wedding. I had been pouring through sales comms and online shops looking for just the right dress and I was loosing hope. This dress is wonderful and how the look turned out was near exactly what I had hoped for.

So that is it for this post, I had to pick the top 3 favorite finds and they just make me happy.

What are your favorite finds?

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Friday, April 17, 2015

LBC: Make A Spring Coordinate

Ah, Spring is finally here! Just yesterday I went out for a bit, doing frilly things, and running frilly errands with some close family and it was just so beautiful I had decided to dress to the nines. 

 There was a bit of breeze that accompanied the day so I paired my Fragrant Rose Memories Camelot jsk witha chiffon top that was just enough to keep me warm without being overpowering. I know I had already paired this particular piece with my 3F bonnet but I felt that the different in blouse and the splashing of pink really played well with making everything pop and be more Spring-ish.

Coord rundown:

Jsk/Socks: Alice And The Pirates
Bonnet: Triple Fortune
Jewelry: Vintage
Shoes: An~Tai~Na
Blouse: Fan~Plus~Friend
Purse: Angelic Pretty
Parasol: Baby The Stars Shine Bright

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

LBC: Make One Expensive Outfit And One Inexpensive Outfit From Your Wardrobe

These past few posts seem to be a lot about wardrobes and wardrobe pieces, it makes me really hope to get a lot of spring cleaning and fixing done. I'm not too certain though how much I'll be adding purchase~wise over the next few months. I've been using a lot of my funds to support setting up shop, with a lot of pieces to start and new material for a jsk too, so I'm not sure when my next personal purchase will be.

Anywho, this post is for an expensive outfit with all pieces that were expensive and then a second all done in major scores. I actually have a great deal of options in the latter task which makes me super excited but also makes gives me an itch to find another great piece....(I'm going to close my eyes to all auction sites for a while)

So onward!

My most expensive purchase which I feel is cringe~worthy but oh so worth it is:

I'm not even going to go into every detail of this set but this whole coord was all bought on the same day at Alice and the Pirates in Shinjuku, Japan, for the original prices. These are the most expensive things in my wardrobe I think and though I do have a few other pieces I have bought full price, this one means the most to me.

For LEAST expensive: 

All of the fabric was gifted and this was what happened to it. I have a better picture of this coord with my IW otks and my red tea parties and all the matching headbows and wristcuffs made of the jsk material but I have no idea where that pic went. I will try to find or make a better pic tomorrow though. The shoes(full price), blouse ($15), and tights(like $5?) were the only things I bought everything else though is handmade from gift material or won in a bet (dat parasol!)

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Friday, April 3, 2015

LBC: How Would You Re~Do Your Wardrobe

Thinking back to the beginnings of my wardrobe I still feel my pulse quicken in excitement over my first pieces and how vast my wardrobe has become. If I were to go back and do it all over again it really wouldn't have turned out much different at all but with some minor additions. There were simply pieces I would keep putting on the back burner that now I know not to take advantage of. And as for storage I have dreams for sure!

First few things I would consider when re~doing my wardrobe would be to have a stronger focus on blouses. I would truly wish to bring in a ton more and would have fought myself more in the beginning to find a new one to go with every couple of purchases. 2014 was the year of picking up blouses for me. So, yeah, all the blouses.

My problem with Lolita is that I'm not one to pass up a good deal on a pretty jsk or op. With that caveat I don't own too many super sought after pieces from my wishlist but I am very attached to my pieces and enjoy them. I truthfully wouldn't want to change what I have and like having styles that span classic, sweet, and gothic and almost every substyle but I would like to try and save up and seek out more dream dresses this year. (Dear Closet Child, please secretly stash all my major wants for when I get there this year!)

As for wardrobe space....I've seen a few fabulous set ups but only one really made me want to redo mine. It had all the elegant trimmings and heart decorations and was simply lovely! I would like to have a more stylish design to my wardrobe and have been thinking of decoration my space to fit more of the aesthetic. I recently did most of my wardrobe up by color at least so hopefully soon I'll put in more effort!

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