Saturday, April 11, 2015

LBC: Make One Expensive Outfit And One Inexpensive Outfit From Your Wardrobe

These past few posts seem to be a lot about wardrobes and wardrobe pieces, it makes me really hope to get a lot of spring cleaning and fixing done. I'm not too certain though how much I'll be adding purchase~wise over the next few months. I've been using a lot of my funds to support setting up shop, with a lot of pieces to start and new material for a jsk too, so I'm not sure when my next personal purchase will be.

Anywho, this post is for an expensive outfit with all pieces that were expensive and then a second all done in major scores. I actually have a great deal of options in the latter task which makes me super excited but also makes gives me an itch to find another great piece....(I'm going to close my eyes to all auction sites for a while)

So onward!

My most expensive purchase which I feel is cringe~worthy but oh so worth it is:

I'm not even going to go into every detail of this set but this whole coord was all bought on the same day at Alice and the Pirates in Shinjuku, Japan, for the original prices. These are the most expensive things in my wardrobe I think and though I do have a few other pieces I have bought full price, this one means the most to me.

For LEAST expensive: 

All of the fabric was gifted and this was what happened to it. I have a better picture of this coord with my IW otks and my red tea parties and all the matching headbows and wristcuffs made of the jsk material but I have no idea where that pic went. I will try to find or make a better pic tomorrow though. The shoes(full price), blouse ($15), and tights(like $5?) were the only things I bought everything else though is handmade from gift material or won in a bet (dat parasol!)

As for others who got something together for this post too, check them out in the links below!


  1. awww both are super cute! love the AATP coordinate, and the print of the handmade jsk is adorable <3

    1. Thank you! the fabric on the handmade jsk is actually really cool, it was from a local fabric store and it was just so cool.