Friday, May 15, 2015

LBC: Create A Flower Themed Coordinate

I'm very happy with this particular post as it happened that I would wear a flower themed coord today!

I actually had plans to go out with my sister to take afternoon tea at one of my favorite haunts a few towns over, in Bristol, at the Blithewold mansion. Every year they do two different afternoon tea sittings and host a season of it. One is a lovely Christmas tea with the house all decorated lovely to celebrate and the other is during their Daffodil Days and you can easily walk the fields and paths of flowers and enjoy. Though it was Daffodil Day they certainly had many other flowers weaving through the wilder fields and the greenhouse was thriving with things like exotic flora and roses.

I, too, went with the look of roses.

My coord for the day was my Rose Ribbon~Back JSK from Alice and the Pirates and I decked myself out with some antique rose jewelry and more rose toned make~up.

♥ Here is a simple rundown♥ 

♥ JSK: Alice And The Pirates♥ 
♥ Blouse: Fan~Plus~Friend♥ 
♥ Jewelry: Antique/Vintage♥ 
♥ Socks: Innocent World 
♥ Headdress: The Bloody Tea Party♥ 

And just a worn photo from my sisters phone because I didn't take one of myself.

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Friday, May 8, 2015

LBC: Packing Tips For Lolita

One of my favorite things about Lolita fashion is learning new things like to how to pack everything properly. This is something I had that I've only done a few times and and only once was it an event within an event, other times were minor packs for one or two outfits so it was absolutely different. In the end I learned a lot about how to pack for a trip. These little tips are really more for con packing and some things I learned from last year.

Plan It Out

One of the most efficient things I've found when packing is to build a spreadsheet of everything I plan to wear, grouped by outfit. It really streamlines ideas and helps me work out what things can be doubled or outfits changed. I know it may seem excessive and silly to do this but it helps to look at what I plan to bring down on paper. It makes it easier when you think of how many shoes, bags, or parasols that you would require for your coords.


The one thing I found really useful for traveling with Lolita was to fold everything a specific way if I wasn't hanging it. Some garments have boning in them or have delicate fabric and rolling tends to wrinkle material or could very well damage things. Laying them flat and folding makes life easier and doesn't crush anything.  Hanging can be good and cause less worry until you have no where to hang.

Makeup Packing

Sealing makeup in zip~lock bags makes life so much easier! It keeps things organized without hassle and keeps things from spilling or powdering in your bags. It also makes it unnecessary to carry a makeup box and less to bring. After separating all makeup into different bags put it all into a bigger zip~lock bag to ensure a secondary safety.

Jewelry Packing

As for the case of jewelry, which is just as important as everything else but sometimes overlooked, it's best to get the nylon jewelry bags and put them in another slightly larger bag. I put major emphasis on this because it was my major fear to loose it at the last con. In case of rushing around having a specific eye~catching bag for jewelry can give you a peace of mind. 

For both of these you don't need a secondary bag but it can make it easier and you can pack another purse or so in there. Remember though that less is more.

The Dreaded Shoes

Think to pack your shoes flat at the bottom and laying sideways saves on space and don't take any extra shoes than you think you actually need. This was my biggest downfall last year at Rufflecon. It was my first con and first time in the fashion show and it was asked to bring all shoes that could work for the fashion show so I got nervous that I wouldn't have everything that would work...

Headbows & Other Headgear

Head accessories that are small can of course go into the jewelry bag if they are small enough but headbows should be put in the secondary zip pouch with socks. Awkwardly shaped headdresses should be stuck in spaces in between, they'll be fine and cushioned.

Bring Other Essentials

I know this may sound common sense but make sure to pack in one of the smaller pouches a pill case to have on hand at the con, there's no knowing if there is an emergency. Your general meds should be kept on hand of course but also keep in mind that aspirin and benadryl  are good to have as well.

The Petticoat Junction

The next and last thing put away in your bag should be the petticoat. Trying to bring one can be difficult especially if you have both lighter and darker coords or don't have just one with enough poof but if most of your coords are on the lighter side it's best to stick with one over the both. Putting this on the top half gives enough cushion to all of your smaller things in your suitcase lid.

Last Thoughts

Don't forget to bring a small mesh bag for dirty clothing of course. And else you bring will be your general after frills outfits of course and you deal with them the same as with Lolita but if it's just undergarments and such those are best in the other compartments of your bag or in the other crooks for more cushion. And don't forget that you may bring back more than when you went in with...

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