Friday, May 15, 2015

LBC: Create A Flower Themed Coordinate

I'm very happy with this particular post as it happened that I would wear a flower themed coord today!

I actually had plans to go out with my sister to take afternoon tea at one of my favorite haunts a few towns over, in Bristol, at the Blithewold mansion. Every year they do two different afternoon tea sittings and host a season of it. One is a lovely Christmas tea with the house all decorated lovely to celebrate and the other is during their Daffodil Days and you can easily walk the fields and paths of flowers and enjoy. Though it was Daffodil Day they certainly had many other flowers weaving through the wilder fields and the greenhouse was thriving with things like exotic flora and roses.

I, too, went with the look of roses.

My coord for the day was my Rose Ribbon~Back JSK from Alice and the Pirates and I decked myself out with some antique rose jewelry and more rose toned make~up.

♥ Here is a simple rundown♥ 

♥ JSK: Alice And The Pirates♥ 
♥ Blouse: Fan~Plus~Friend♥ 
♥ Jewelry: Antique/Vintage♥ 
♥ Socks: Innocent World 
♥ Headdress: The Bloody Tea Party♥ 

And just a worn photo from my sisters phone because I didn't take one of myself.

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