Friday, July 17, 2015

LBC: Create A New Lolita Holiday In Detail

HAHA! Two in a row!

I shall get to real posts again, I promise, things have been switching gears lately so all should get back on track within the next few days.

For the topic of this weeks Lolita Blog Carnival we choose to create a new holiday for Lolita fashion and I actually came up with one that I think could be quite fun.

Dream Dress Appreciation Day

I thought this would be fun as it could allow a few different things to happen like games and themed food and of course wearing your dream dress! I know this may sound just like another ILD type of day however it more often then not involves that special dress for some people.

I don't need an excuse to bust out this baby but a special day would be great!
For games I thought it would be fun if everyone draws/prints/messages a host a dream dress that they wish for or have and then two different games can be had from it. Print games would be the easiest for a few rounds of "dream print charades" and guests team up to guess what print is on the card to the best of their ability. This, of course, can turn quickly into shenanigans and be fun for both new Lolitas and seasoned ones. The second would be a matching game where you have to match the dress name to the brand. This could be done with pictures or just by name and can be done teamed up or solo but the host would be the only one with the list. 
Playing with pics would be a little too easy even if you blurred watermarks but not everyone knows.

Of course, not everyone has their very special dream dress but a way to include everyone, whether the event is large or small, little name tags could be worn by attendees to also add a touch of cuteness. Dream dresses sometimes do change for some but for those who have a hold of their dream dress coordinating it as best as they dream is always fun.

The next part would be easiest if this event is held some place more personal - I tend to favor houses, or garden, or parks for events like this - to be able to manipulate the menu for the affair. Food is most often involved in a meet and can lend to some themes. If a host is good at decorating cakes or cupcakes with different print motifs could be lovely. And even if nothing else is able to relate to a print or dress being creative is part of the game and using similar names or using similar home~made decorations would definitely add a nice touch.

I may have gone a little out of control with this idea but I do think that it would be cute and fun for all. If you want to see what everyone else has dreamed up for a holiday check these posts out below!

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