Friday, July 10, 2015

LBC: What Would You Like To See In Future Prints

Hello again! It's been a bit of a stretch since I last posted but I'm back ladies and gents and I've got some new and interesting news.

I've moved.

There that's it. I've moved from my home planet-er-state to Maryland and life is going to be changing....drastically??? Perhaps not really but as for as often frilly adventures for me are concerned I will not be having as many with my bestie Sweet. (though we are going to a tea party in Baltimore later this month)

I have other news that I will elaborate in a later post though, so on with this one.

Coming back to the Lolita Blog Carnival we are blogging about what we'd like to see in future prints. Last time I wrote about this topic it was all about more Peter Pan prints and I still wish there were more when it comes to that but lately I've had another on my wishlist.

You would think in a fashion that often has lavish tea parties and meet ups that happen to somehow end up with tea in it that there would be more tea cup prints. I'm not saying I've eyed every brand and found not a single tea print - Angelic Pretty released Royal Crown's Tea Package and Innocent World releasing Tea Time - but I would love more!

What is your favorite print? Do you wish there were more?
I just can't get enough of the cute little delicate tea cups and tea pots circling the hem of a skirt. I know there is a few cutlery prints out there but I just don't find them as cute as tea cups, I'd get my hands on all of them if I could!
At the moment for the tea party I was mentioning earlier, I am hoping to finish a new dress for it that has tea cups, pots, and plates, that is just so pretty. I got it as a gift from my mother and she said she had bought the last of it so I feel very lucky. I have cut out parts of it already but I'm thinking of changing the style which is nerve-wracking as I only have 17 days and I need to decide tomorrow so that I can pick out lace to match and start sewing.
All I can say is ALL the tea cups!!!
so that's it for this week's LBC if you want to check out more posts you can see what other frillies have written through here:

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