Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Things That Happen At Tea Parties...

Life takes twists and turns and sometimes cul de sacs that make your head spin at any given notice and that's been my what's going on for the past month or so. Things have been changing so quickly but I believe that they will be winding down to a break-neck speed now.

In summary this is what I've accomplished within this short time: I've moved, I've moved shop, I've opened shop, and I partied hardy at the tea party this weekend with some fabulous frillies.

It has been an intense adventure this weekend in particular as my bestie Sweet visited me in my new Maryland home and we took to the town each day and visited museums, antique shops, and attended a splendid tea party that is hosted every year in Baltimore where both of our indie brands donated for the raffle. So, of course, since I was donating under The Bloody Tea Party I figured it was about time to open doors and get into gear. I also managed to sell a pair of bloomers which I was very excited to hear that they were very comfy.

During the tea party Sweet and I had been taken aback by the sheer amount of cute within the room. We mingled a bit with old friends to get our barrings and found our way to a table of all new faces that we sat and became very quickly comfortable with. 

Speaking of which, I met a girl who actually reads and enjoys my blog. I can't tell you how thrilled and excited to get to hear that they really liked it! She was so cool and smart and we got to talking about all sorts of neat and down-right brilliant.

This lovely lady right here was the winner of the Floral Chain necklace that we had donated to the party. She was very happy to win it and was very sweet. 

Our whole table was actually quite hilarious and fun and  was glad to get to talk to everyone their. There was just so much we talked about that one post wouldn't be enough to cover in just one post, but I guarantee everyone would have enjoyed it. It really made me happy to get to sit and talk to such smart and interesting ladies who were not afraid to be just as silly as me.

Photo courtesy of the Kabedon Prince G

Speaking of silly, I got silly with a few Ouji and instead of your typical kabedon scenario I kabedon'd myself an Ouji! It was certainly fantastic and I'm very glad that they were such good sports about it.

The food was yummy and perfect for an afternoon tea with it's little mini desserts and tea sandwiches and the scones were delightful with lemon curd or clotted cream. I definitely enjoyed the variety in the desserts and everything was just enough. The tables were also adorned with rose petals and pretty floral centerpieces that were made special for the event by the hostess and her team.

The hostess also had French macarons passed out in little packages for every attendee as a part of favors with the post card and stickers which all had the painting of Madame Bougeret, by Francios Boucher, which later Sweet and I had visited the museum which housed it. Everything was just super lovely and I would love to attend and donate a prize again next year.


  1. Everybody looks so lovely :) Love the photo with the Ouji

    1. I took their kabedon pic for them and then asked if I could kabedon one of them. Such good sports.

  2. How fun! Can't wait to attend my first tea later this month^ ^