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LBC: Plan Your Ideal Holiday Trip In Tokyo For Frills

Ah Japan...the land of the frills and the kawaii...many a Lolita venture to this beautiful land for many things. The sights, sounds, food, history, and fashion, I can really go on and on and on about the incredible things one can find or do in Japan. If we get down to just the frilly aspect of this continent, well, my bank account would probably go into the red but we're going to entertain that thought today anyway!

So to start of I've been researching places to go back to when I get back to Japan either this year but most likely next and my frilly obsession would probably require another empty bag but we shall see.

Locations I would plan to hit up and why strictly in the Tokyo Metropolitan area which includes Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya, and Nipori (not strictly Lolita but you'll understand shortly).

This is actually in Harajuku but you can't miss the sign.
Firstly, I like to plan things out around my surroundings as it makes it easier to navigate and find my way if I get lost which is both easy to do and very hard at the same time. We stayed last time in Shinjuku and I'm pretending I'm staying somewhere around there again just for the easy access to Marui 0101 and Closet Child. Last time I stayed there, however well we planned and mapped, I was the idiot who happened to travel towards my left as opposed to my right and MISSED that CC Shinjuku was 5 minutes from our hotel. This will be the first location I will demolish of all that is frilly and ensure I snag every piece I have wished to get that you can only nab second hand.

Down the road and up a twisting stairway I will next hit Innocent World which has it's own location between Marui and CC. This is probably the hardest location to spot because though you may be looking around in tourist wonderment it's easy to miss it's vertical sign that is about 2nd or 3rd floor up. After plundering IW I will next go to Marui 0101( and hit up each floor that you can see that there are a few brands to a floor with a showcased coord sits in the hall beckoning to get you in. (Dear Wallet, your life is over)

I'm sure I'll get out to Ikebukuro to the Butler café dressed to the 9s in frills

After all the days (this feat may take 2) plundering and freebies that may be had from spending so much I will retire to the Patisserie Swallowtail for tea that is also located in Marui 0101.

SO as you can easily see I have an obsession with frills and I could easily disappear in Shinjuku alone. Last time I visited Marui 0101 I had bee-lined all the way up to Alice and the Pirates and was secretly wishing to at least touch Night Fairy Fantasia which instead was at the door and caused severe tunnel vision. This, unfortunately, meant I forgot to really take a look into all of the fabulous surroundings Marui had to offer but I have my wits about me this time (unless, you, dear Aatp decide to come out with another mind numbing piece).

Shibuya is more of a fabric stop for me as there is a Marunan with 5 floors of fabric! The dresses I could make with this! I digress though, there are about 3 fabric stores but 2 that I would really want to go to and not really any Lolita places.

Nipori would be the next amazing fabric adventure to head off to. There is a street with all these fabric shops and my brain flat-lined there too, when we went. I bought this super cute pastry print at Tomato and would go again to get several other prints I would love to make use of for personal wardrobe and shop. (I will have more to update on that soon!)

Next stop and probably hardest would be to visit Harajuku. There isn't really a street you can walk down safely without wanting to throw your money at it for the frills. There is a CC in the middle of Takeshita Doori and down the end of that street and take a right past the starbucks you will find Laforet which houses nearly everything you could want. This however doesn't mean to ignore the side streets off of Takeshita. There are several stand alone shops and past Laforet there is also Baby's flagship store which has been a plan of mine to visit.

Harajuku has just too much to take in for shops and even food with a Q~Pot Café down the street off of Omotesando. This would be an extra cute place to stop and rejuvenate after loosing my mind and my wallet running away from me. So excuse me while I go and become a billionaire to support my frilly habit and I hope you've enjoyed the insanity of the damage I could do in Tokyo. I'm going to go calm my nerves with a pot of tea or 3 for the rest of the day.

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