Sunday, August 2, 2015

The World Is A Blur This Weekend

I didn't think this weekend would feel so eventful or productive but I feel I have to put a bit of it out there that I did so much in such a short span of time. Of course, I have been endeavoring to boost productivity throughout the week by beginning my day at 6 when my husband leaves for work, but weekends aren't usually an up-and-atom time for us. This is something I hope continues and that I can at least keep up with myself.

First things first, I nearly finished all the bloomers I've been meaning to finish to put in my shop. I had cut, serged, and sewn together 15 pairs of bloomers prior to moving and left them undone to be picked up again after settling. With 3 dress projects and necklace project popping up for a special tea party the bloomers were left in their semi~finished state, unfortunately. However this week/weekend changed that. During the week all casings were sewn in and left to elasticize this weekend when I generally don't get much chance to sew. I quickly finished that part of the project while watching tv and set them all aside to be sewn together then shut starting Monday. Not that big a deal really, of course.

Of course bloomers are the only things going in my shop I had worked and drafted out a special bonnet and managed to cut out 4 all together during the early hours of Saturday. I really hope that people enjoy them when I reveal exactly what they are as one is a secret design that I think needs to be in Lolita fashion and the others are just pretty color combos that would do well for many cords. Keep a look out for all the new things guys!

Next thing that had of course to be done was general life habits to, you know, live. Weekend routine and all that handled just like any other ritual adding something unusual to the mix by seeing a show. We saw one of my all time favorite stories as done by the ThreeSixty Theatre down in Tysons Corner in Virginia. I have wanted to see this show since a year ago when I discovered they were up in Boston, Massachusetts, near where I used to live. I never got to go though and it wasn't until my husband spotted a sign on the metro that he even told me about it.

The show was amazing as I had believed it would be and I got to go decked out in my Night Fairy Fantasia with a jabot blouse and my Baby clock bag to match. I was too happy to get a chance to see this show and I suggest that if you're nearby and are curious that you take a chance. The show is done in theatre in the round but that's not what makes it so different or even that special. What does make it so, though, is the fact that all around you they project the scenery surroundings so that you can see the Jolly Roger in the distance as they arrive in NeverLand or that you can see the starry sky or jungles. It is really cool too when the cast fly of course and every cast member is strong and don't get forgotten (the pirates do a lot of double duty and even preform songs before the show!).

Mystified as I was, I didn't call it a day when I got home and continued working on things for myself and the shop. I cut out ANOTHER pair of bloomers, this time for a super secret coord for RC2015 and I laid out and drafted a blouse which I discovered I had enough fabric for more than one and possibly a bolero (fingers crossed for two).

With every little project being cut out and pinned and ironed I'm hoping my week runs smoothly and that I'll tons of new things to put in the shop by the end of next week. So keep an eye out for tons of bloomers, blouses, (hopefully) a bolero, and that jsk I've nearly completed. Check out my page on facebook and give us a like, here.

I'm going to go brew myself another pot of tea and collapse now, hope your weekend is as enjoyable and productive too!

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