Friday, December 11, 2015

LBC: What Changes Will You Make For Your Wardrobe In The New Year


Alright, all funny business aside (not really) I am getting back down to the blogging and I shall start with a Lolita Blog Carnival topic. This weeks was a good one about change in ones wardrobe and I thought it'd be a good way to attempt to organize things. It will be a crazy year, I can already for-see that.

There are a few things I would really like to change about my wardrobe that have come to my attention after I've moved from RI and started working on my little indie brand. Putting these ideas into words in a post can, hopefully, help me articulate what I'd like to do and serve as a reminder.


🎀 I would like to have far more hand-made in my closet. I have a ton of pieces already and I'm not really looking to part with then and I'm not looking to stop buying brand pieces but I'm looking to wear more of my own. I've already been amassing a good deal since the move, all fully lined with a few exception, but I'm thinking maybe every other week have a new piece to add to my wardrobe, whether blouse, jsk, op, etc, all the while having a new item for the shop as well.

🎀 Get/make new blouses and boleros. I have been needing new ones and in many colors.

🎀 I also need to get a wider variety of socks and tights, both printed - which I am in desperate need of more printed socks - and plain. I have been experimenting with painting some. 

🎀 The next thing I have been planning on doing is actually focus on only getting specific wishlist items. I have been starting this and have hunted down and bought one of my top DREAM DRESS status pieces already and have decided that as I'm planning to make more of my pieces that real wishlist items should be my only other buying priority as opposed to really good deals.

🎀 The only other thing that I have serious plans for within the next year is to better organize my closets and drawers. I pretty much wear the fashion daily and so it does get moved around a lot so I think it may be best to figure out easier ways to organize it.


Well, that is it! I haven't written this much and successfully done a blog in quite some time...I think since Rufflecon f^_^; but fear not, fair maidens! I shall return to my keyboards and write a little more then the nothing I have been.

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