Tuesday, January 12, 2016

365 LLC: Day 12: Eat Your Meals On The Nicest Dishes You Own

So I cheated my pics a little bit and forgot lunch and dinner but I did have a snack with my tea, between finishing one sewing project and making another! I never have tea without setting up my little tea nook, I guess I'll call it, with doilies and cute vintage or antique pieces but today I was feeling puckish and treated myself to some ice cream.

I am lucky enough that my family gives me their depression glasses or find them and give them to me as presents. That sundae glass has been in my nana's possession for I don't know how long and the plate my mother scored for me before RC last year so that I could use it in my afternoon tea panel.

Both spoons and the tea cup are pieces I recently got from the antique store I like to visit. I couldn't resist the rose and leaf detailing on the teaspoon I'll have to take better pics sometime to show both sides. Those crackers are Gosomi crackers, by the way, if you ever see them I suggest trying them they're thin and light and are a good combo of sweet and salty, like coconut milk crackers (also worth a try!).


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