Saturday, January 16, 2016

365 LLC: Day 16: Plan A Special Meal

This is a little difficult for me as I am not aloud to cook very much in my house so special meals are a bit difficult for me. If I were to plan any special meal though, honestly, it would be an afternoon tea, it's simply what I can do best and without issue or objections from anyone else.

  • I would go with an easy cucumber tea sandwich and maybe an egg salad tea salad (The Ritz Hotel recipe) and walnut tea sandwiches.
  • My scones would be rose petal drop scones and cranberry scones.
  • I would have a bon bon, a madeleine, macaron, and a small petitfor.
  • For fruit I would garnish my trays with seasonal berries to keep it clean.
  • For tea I would like to blend a rooibos with vanilla, almond, and caramel.
I would of course be using my cake stand and prettiest cups, my new creamer and sugar bowl, and my really pretty 1890s gold and rose tea pot. I would also of course use my cute little pink depression glass dessert plates, which makes me think that a pink and green theme would be best throughout the dishware, I would also use my pretty doilies and Victorian cloth placemats and napkins.

I think that I'll actually attempt this next week when one of my friends comes buy, I'll posts pictures if I get to do this. ^_^

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