Monday, January 25, 2016

365 LLC: Day 25: Spare Some Time For An Indulgent Wash

 This weekend has been long and filled to the brim with tea, sewing, and snow so it is a lovely idea to take a soak after the dryness. I usually take a soak every other Sunday after we shop for food for the week but I was too involved with my sewing projects (2 dresses and a new muff for the shop!)

I don't usually go all out like this but I had recently made rose water - some of which went into a rose cookie recipe that is to die for - and as it has excellent cleansing properties I figured it would be great to use a smidge and some roses in the tub. I used lavender epsom salt and rose petals (roses are dried culinary roses by the by) and rose water and I have some simple chai and rose cookies to enjoy as I go through a GLB or read The Lady in Black. My bath smells great to be honest and I highly recommend doing something similar on a stressful or harse weather type of day.

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