Friday, January 8, 2016

#365 LLC: Day 8: Share Your Favorite Local Lolita Haunts

As I've recently moved from a sleepy tiny state, dotted with museums and historic houses and much more to visit, to a never stopping city, with a densly packed museum roster, it's been to my good fortune. DC and it's surrounding states has given me ample locations to explore and enjoy, from museums to tea shops to monuments (actually still haven't been to any of the DC monuments ever in my life - whoops)  there is plenty to check out.

One of my favorites, recently, has been to go once a week to one of the museums and take my time in the rooms. I like to take my dear sweet time and have been prone to do an hour per room depending on the size and content. And if it is a nice day I pack a small picnic and score a bench and enjoy it outside but if not I take it into one of the cafe areas that they allow you to take outside food in; the Smithsonian Castle is one such building.

I have enjoyed what I've found so far and though I didn't get a full Summer, and this very weird never-ending Fall into Spring thing, I've been busing or hoping on the metro to any little place I can.

In regards to tea rooms, I used to haunt the Duck&Bunny in RI with my friends or just walk down for a quick pot and a cupcake, so finding one here was essential. The first one I have taken a particular liking to is Lady Camellia's, which is a tiny little nook plastered in pink Toile de Jouy scenes on the wall and ridiculously cute mismatched tea settings. The place is adorable and the menu is made to suit you and delicious.

There is so much available around me and I'm happy to take my time and check out.

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