Monday, January 18, 2016

365LLC: Day 18: Learn How To Press Flowers

This is one of my favorite things! The 365 Lifestyle Lolita Challenge has been wonderful so far and has prompted a few things I've not thought to do and a good bit of things I'm bonkers for. I really hope I can keep up with it, I've felt very productive on blogging and have even my sewing pieces, if I can keep this up 2016 will turn out well.

I love doing flower pressings and it's actually very easy, especially with the proper tools, though it can be done in non-traditional ways too. I never had a flower pressing box even though my mother has one tucked away somewhere in her house so I've simply used books instead. It takes a bit longer but I sandwich the flower I want to press, while having arranged the petals the best I can, in one of the pages of a book I won't read for a while. Since I don't have elastics of any sort hanging around I add more books to weigh  it down and let it sit for a few days or so.

What flower press boxes look like

Eventually I'll have put all the books back in the book case and let myself forget I ever did a flower pressing. It won't harm the book unless you try pressing a bud or something that is rather bulbous but other than that the only thing you have to be mindful of is whether or not it can be pressed flat at all, some flowers can't be.

After a while, usually a month or so I'll probably start reading that book again and discover the pretty pressing tucked away between the pages. I think it's nice to find them like this so I don't have a book of pressings just yet, though I think I may do that eventually and label them with names and meanings and maybe even botanical attributes. I couldn't find any to picture for this post as it seems I may not have brought any over from RI though I'm sure there is one hiding somewhere.

I hope you also take this into consideration to do and enjoy it, maybe go out with a few friends on a nice summer day. Enjoy!


  1. I even don't know that there was a flower pressing box when I press flowers in my childhood. But I discover that you can press flowers with an microwave in less than three minutes.

    The way you do this looks very simular to the flower pressing box you picture here...

    1. Oh! There's a box to microwave them or is there a different method for it? I vaguely remember my mom telling me something about it...