Wednesday, January 20, 2016

365LLC: Day 20: Look Up The Performance Schedule For Your Local Ballet

I really do love ballet, even before Lolita and frilly attire I always thought ballet was powerful and beautiful though I've not seen as many show's as I'd like (2). I was just thinking, due to this prompt, that I would love to see a ballet version of the Coraline story or turn the poem La Belle Sans Dame Merci into a ballet because that could be pretty awesome, but I digress.

The Washington Ballet has enough shows to capture my attention. Stephen Miller's Hamlet, Carmina Burana, Bowie & Queen (I think I need to see this one in particular), Coppelia, and The Little Mermaid are a few of the productions that will be happening this year and they all look colorful and engaging. Knowing that this is here I think I'm going to take a gander at orchestras and quartets too.

Do you also find ballet engaging?

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