Saturday, January 9, 2016

365LLC: Day 9: Design A Coordinate Based On A Fairytale

I love these particular topics where we get to do fairy tales! I made a few about 2 years back with obscure fairy tales and chose The Princess In The Chest which is one of my favorite little macabre fairy tales though it's not often heard of. This time I chose to go obscure again and try my hand at The Weird Witch of the Willow-Herb by Evelyn Sharp and I tried to base it around the witch.

She is described as a beautiful witch who wore pinks and greens, which is usually not difficult in my wardrobe to find pinks but I wanted to find a combo of the two and it brought me to FRM. The reason why I also like this piece for it was because it also coincides with the description of her house which is also pinks and greens and covered in flowers and leaves on the floor and all sorts of things. I went with my vintage hat because of all the flower details and I feel like this coord needed a ton more still!

I chose the princess sleeves to better mimic witch sleeves and tried to stay with creams for the rest of the coord (though in hindsight I may add pink ribbons to wrap the otks in. I know I keep missing shoes but this time it's easy as I have a pic of them instead. (I will be getting a pair shortly)

I'm trying to do better at taking coord shots and today managed to get it up on a dress form. For now though, this is it, I highly recommend checking out the story which is short and cute and it's a part of a series of shorts that is definitely worth a read.

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