Friday, January 22, 2016

LBC: Dream Dress Coord

I had been planning on taking pics but in all honesty I wore a completely different coord today and haven't had time to take a pic due to the weather. The snow outside is piling up surprisingly fast, I hadn't even known it was going to snow, or be a blizzard, until yesterday so I've been bustling about trying to prepare.

My dream dress as everyone probably knows by now is Night Fairy Fantasia from Aatp and I can honestly say it still catches my eye. This is from a Christmas party I had gone to with my RI comm frillies, I miss everyone so much! I hardly ever play around with this coord because I don't often wear it, with exception to really special meets I guess, but I'm going to start to try something new.

Everything is Aatp except the petticoat and bloomers and wig, oh my! (and jewelry and gloves which were either vintage or antique).

If you want to check out other lovely frillies and their dream dress coord you can find theirs in the links below.

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