Sunday, January 17, 2016

LLC365: Day 17: Make A Travel Wishlist

This particular topic made me almost default back to my plan for Japan but I didn't want to be redundant. You can read up on that here though if you'd like. I've always had a few places I've wanted to go explore, South Korea, Egypt, Hungary and Transylvania, being the top of that list, but I decided to choose to go on another unexpected adventure.

A few friends of mine have a dream to one day travel and visit England and possibly the whole of the UK and do some sight seeing, visit some antique shops, and take time for some afternoon tea at some of the best tea rooms the country has to offer.

I've always wanted to visit England and doing so in frills is part of that goal. I'm always seeing so many lovely lolitas traveling around to their favorite foreign locations in their best, it's really inspiring. I've only traveled back to RI with all my coords for RC and I had discovered that packing all those ruffles should be considered carefully (I have yet to try space saving vacuum bags yet).

For places I'd like to ruffle about though I would definitely have to go visit Canterbury Cathedral and Westminster Abbey as 2 of my top touristy choices. I would love to see as much as I can possibly fit into a 2 week period but it would be a combination of my wishlist and my 2 friends. I'm sure that we'd be in for a wild adventure and share some of the same interests in places we want to visit.

What about your travel wishlist? Have you ever visited a foreign country in Lolita?

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