Saturday, January 23, 2016

Lolita 52 Challenge: My Wardrobe Turnover

This weeks topic for the Lolita 52 Challenge is my wardrobe turnover which means this post will be extremely short. A turnover is the same as a turnover rate in things like work in which if a company has a high turnover rate it means that people leave and new staff are brought in, in terms of Lolita wardrobes it's about what you buy and then sell off.

There haven't been very many instances for me, though I know some like to keep their wardrobes fresh or are experimenting with different styles that they find they don't like as much, and both of these styles of wardrobe upkeep are absolutely fine. I like what I have in my wardrobe and like having a wide variety to wear as I do wear it daily so it's good for me to have variety. I don't like selling off my pieces and if I do it's for one of very few reasons.

1) Poor fit - I have a fairly small waist but my bust is on the bigger size so I do have to be careful with pieces that have collars and no shirring. I've only had to sell 1 piece do to sizing issues.

2) Really not my style - I have only had 2 pieces that I felt aren't my style and I didn't want to rework it to suit me so off to someone it does  and loves it it goes.

The only other time I really get rid of clothing is actually in non-Lolita I have only a small drawer of clothing and I don't like buying regular clothes. If I get more I donate the older pieces to make room for the newer things. All of my older blouses that weren't quite right for Lolita have also been phased out.

So there it is, I'm going to go brew another pot of tea on this fine snowy day and snow while I watch my cats loose their cool over snowflakes flying past the window.

What about you what's your turnover rate?

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