Saturday, January 9, 2016

Lolita 52 Challenge: What My Own Lolita Lifestyle Is Like

Ah....a day in the life of a lifestyle I suppose...

Que music: Chopin Nocturne in C# minor!


I do categorize myself as a frilly lifestyler I believe my life is. I don't often wear civvies, or "normal" clothing, because Lolita has over the years become normal for me. Even when people ask me why I wear what I wear I tell them that it's simply because I like them and have an extensive wardrobe. But that's not all that makes a lifestyle Lolita.

Social habits, hobbies, daily routines, these are the things that are part of what makes you this or that and for me it was easy enough to be one who makes everything conform to the aesthetic of the fashion. (I also don't have very much of other clothes, it actually all fits into one little drawer.) I also have a personality type that likes to get very involved in things I like or excel at and keep to them. This in part is good because it means the money in my wallet only goes to so many things, even though they are very expensive.

For a usual daily routine I tend to brew myself a pot of tea in one of my pretty teapots and go about prepping everything in to my liking, with doilies under my antique tea cups and a tea cozy to keep my pot warm, and set aside so that I have a little tea station for a while. If I have done all chores and workout early enough, the rest of the day is pretty much dedicated to sewing or crafting or distraction by cats and piano practice. And when I'm not doing that I may be out a museum or meeting up with a friend or two. This is why I say my life can conform well enough to the "pure maiden" ideal, though I do tend to do things all frilled up that maybe most would find not?

I'm adventurous and a bit daring and do things that I guess most people might not find fit the idea, like your run-of-the-mill ghost stories or urban exploring or survival horror video game (just got through Evil Within and am now on to Until Dawn!). Basically I like spooky and all things associated with it. I do wish there were more with a lolita fashion twist to it.

I suppose that's about it really for little daily things that I consider are a part of my lolita lifestyle. They're really just normal things but the frills have crept in and it's well past "normal." I just happen to like classic and antique things and Lolita is a big part but also an enabler.

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