Thursday, February 4, 2016

365 LLC: Day 35: Photograph Your Oldest Lolita Piece

I actually have 2 pieces that I bought at the same day within moments of each other for my first Lolita piece. And though had bought the IW Alice Trump jsk in dusty rose first the Baby tartan check jsk in blue came in 3 days earlier than the IW piece, though I really did only buy each about 2 minutes apart.

I still enjoy wearing them both and over the years - though at first the dusty rose was just not my favorite color and I coveted the black colorway - I have grown to really love and appreciate it and it is one of my favorite pieces. The Baby piece is so comfortable and definitely a great piece for the winter and is really cute.

I do have to edit my older post about photographing my newest purchase, here, because I realized that it was my second to last purchase. I had actually purchased the lucky pack from Baby SF this Christmas and it was...not quite what I had...purchased.

Though it wasn't what I had purchased - there were a few confused and panicked phone calls to the store and they did try to help rectify the situation - it wasn't a total lose, I knew my niece would love the Kumya~chan phone charm and gifted her the wallet too, and the last bits I kept for myself.

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