Monday, February 8, 2016

365 LLC: Day 39: Browse Through Dresses That Were Released When You Started Lolita

I have just taken another trip down memory lane and can't believe the things I've forgotten. I'm going to go with 2007 as it is the year I bought my first 2 dresses so these were released around then and have, over the years, made their way into my wardrobe.

This is not my first dress and though it is an older piece I really enjoy it and wear it fairly often.

I had managed to get this for such a good price and I wanted it sooooo badly! Now I want it in the ivory and maybe in the underbust version.

This was one of my first dresses I ever wanted and got it but I still covet it in mint. (If you happen to see it please drop me a line!)

I actually had this one in pink instead. I still have the headbow and think I want to get another version of the jsk, though I'm not so sure.

One of my favorite purchases. I did buy this short version in the black but that was around 2013(?) but as I've posted before I had first bought the dusty rose colored long jsk back in 2007. 

I started to buy pieces around this time, though I had discovered Lolita around 2004, and I'm so happy that I managed to find these throughout my time in the fashion. My wardrobe is still growing and after browsing I'm trying to keep my head low and out of the sales comms as there are many more pieces I would like to acquire.

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