Sunday, February 14, 2016

365 LLC: Day 45: Share A Lolita Love Story

There are many options that I could go with on this prompt and what it made me think of was the love that goes into each stitch of every item, into every idea of the garment before it is revealed to adoring fans of the fashion. It really got me to thinking of the time spent on it for each designer and how they dream up something that they love and would want to share and about how I feel when I go through that process. It's loving and trying all at once.

I've only made a few things for The Bloody Tea Party brand, several commissions, and a few stock pieces that I've finally put up, every piece I make I love and I want the recipient to love it just as much. There are painstaking moments where I have an item, whether for myself or the shop, and I'll stop and think of where I want to go with it next. If I am mid-design and am find I don't like what I've planned I may sit there for a while and think what could I do with it to make me never let it go and hide it away in my wardrobe but require me to force myself to let it go. I want someone to want what I make as much as I do in that moment and be happy.

I know it sounds funny but I feel like each piece I make is like it's own love (sometimes hate)story and anyone who wears the fashion has similar feelings for the pieces they search high and low for.

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