Monday, February 15, 2016

365 LLC: Day 46: Learn A Parlor Game

There are a ton of different Lolita meets and I would love to host a parlor game meet where there will be food and drinks first and then after the day settles down we play a handful of parlor games. I have learned a few in the past like "sardines" which can turn out extremely hilarious results especially with Lolita fashion. The new one I picked was "are you there, Moriarty?" which I strangely hadn't heard of but after reading the description wanted to play.

It has to be played pairs at a time and each player must have a non-lethal weapon, like a small pillow or loosely rolled newspaper, and lay face down on the floor. Each player must lay head to head and when ready take turns attempting to whack the other player. The player on the defense has to predict where their attacker is going to strike and roll out of the way then go on the offensive. This will continue until one player is hit and must drop out and be replaced by a new player until a victor is decided on.

It's funny to think of all the frills on the floor rolling around trying to avoid a pillow. There are blindfolded versions of the game where the pair can stand and face each other, which I'm sure more would prefer and is just as funny. Regardless of version, I believe this would be a "hit" at a home run event. Do you have any parlor games you enjoy?

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