Wednesday, February 17, 2016

L52C: Why Don't I Wear Lolita More Often? (and combining 365 LLC)

I was going to go about this and replace my usual 365 LLC post with this but it seems it's really a moot point, so here is all is:

I usually browse Closet Of Frills and other coord pages (I've just took to Instagram recently so I'm going through those too) and though I don't usually hit that like button or comment I do really enjoy peoples coords. SO today I shall comment on a few!

That said and done with the prompt for this weeks Lolita 52 Challenge is another short answer from me. It's simply not applicable. If I wore Lolita any more often I would probably have to jump in the clean my house, shower, or sleep in it to get any further wear. Yes, there are days I actually don't wear it like going out with my husband or cleaning or I'm lazing about in my pyjamas on the weekends but lately I throw my frills on. The one thing I will not do though is put on make up, I'll do that if I'm going out with friends or for a meet but that's it, I will do my hair though.

But that is all for today as I have nothing else for you, for now I'm just going to pour another pot of tea and browse more cute frilly people in cute coords.

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