Saturday, February 13, 2016

LBC: What Is Your Number 1 Goal Item Right Now


My number one item to obtain right now is really tea prints like tea cups and things like that but the biggest is:

 Tea Time Nostalgia from Baby!

It's been on my mind on and off recently and I'm willing for pretty much any color, top choice being the mint really. I'll keep looking but there is no real rush, it's just been, you know, haunting me and telling me I need it every so often f^_^;

Anywho, if I'm not focusing on this piece the only other piece that I've been actively hunting is for another 3F bonnet in cream or burgundy. I almost don't care what color except I want it so I can make a few coords around the colors for RC2016.

But that's it for me. What is your numero uno target?

If you want to see what other's have hoped to acquire for their wardrobe you can check their posts out below:



  1. Wow, what a stunner! So elegant and romantic with the roses and the lace! Fingers crossed that you get it and soon.