Sunday, January 29, 2017

LBC: What Would You Change About Your Wardrobe

Hello all you fabulous frilly people out there! It's been quite a year so far...and I shall honestly dive deeper into this frilly world of fashion.

As of late, I've been pondering over my wardrobe. What things mesh well, what makes my day, and what has me questioning why I bought them. I also find when I evaluate my wardrobe it helps me better understand what is a want and what is a need and what I should really let go of.

So, if I were to take a quick look at my wardrobe and not get distracted by all the lovely frills within I find an array of colors and prints that I've picked up over the course of the last 10 or so years. I have plenty of colors to work with and over the last two years, thankfully, been focusing on the purchases involving blouses and, for once, brand socks. I usually prefer tights and stockings to coord with my wardrobe pieces but I'm finding the weather is better permitted to socks. But what is it that I should really focus on?

I'm finding that I need to go with maybe more solids and florals lately, not simply for my adoration of classic but it's simply how I've been feeling more lately. I have only a few eye~catching sweet pieces but they've always been of a more mixed style, like the wine colored Kumya~chan Trick~or~Treat jsk. Basically, if I'm heading into Sweets~ville, population: me, I should always endeavor for the darker hues or the colorways that can be dubbed that mixed style classic/sweet.

Another thing that I should focus on is perhaps skirts, different cut black and cream blouses, and vests. Recently, I have picked up a few Triple Fortune skirts and find I really enjoy the vested look. If I could make myself a few vests in different styles it would benefit my wardrobe, for sure.

If I were to think about taking out anything at all, which is very difficult for me as I've grown attached, would be to rid my wardrobe of any pale blues. I don't have a great deal of blues but I'm finding I'm not feeling it, sadly.

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