Thursday, December 28, 2017

LBC: Things You Have Learned About Yourself In The Fashion This Year

This past year has had some major ups and some major downs for me. Some of them have been extremely productive, whether positive or negative experiences, as I’ve taken what I’ve learned from them and figured out what made them so and how to enhance or prevent things from going awry.

I've experienced what it was like to run my own table at a growing Megameet held by members of my local comm. It was far more enjoyable than I had initially thought but I still know that if it was beyond a dealers' room I would still wish to have either a table mate or someone to be my frilly booth babe. Pairing with someone else simply made things far more enjoyable for me but I know that I can manage on my own and do well.

For Rufflecon 2017, my friend's at Atelier Sucre were stellar and we split a table at which the sold my product for me and I would pop in every now and then throughout the day, when I had a chance. The experience just further proved that I prefer things that way at larger events.

I've also discovered over this past year that lists and marking things down is still everything for me. I find that I'm more productive and concise if I write out things I need to do, or things I’ve done for my shop to be logged and inventoried. I've found this habit of putting pen to paper, or typed into phone notepads, really kept me on the ball. It also helps when I’m plotting coords for fashion shows and future meets to write down options of things I’d like to wear. It’s kind of fun to do for more then just come but I find it also clears my head if I can’t choose between a few different looks and have time to  play around.

Prior to RC2017 I have only done minor inventories for things sent to the Lolita Collective because I hadn’t made very much stock, due to very limited space and never running a table. This, however, changed shortly before RC, as I made 109 pieces for the table, it really helped me realize I needed to do so for every piece and catalogue style and color, and log where they are.

This year I did manage to start into getting several more blouses in several styles in whites and creams. I’m still looking for more in black but I seem to have lucked out in the other two colors I find that I usually gravitate to more. I also learned that I really do tend to favor princess sleeves for meets, so having more of a variety of bell and princess in the same color is something I’m beginning to do. This, of course, means I need to shop for more blouses.

This year was also a year of hard truths for me; I do need to sell some things to keep my wardrobe space an actual functioning space if I wish to buy more and store some pieces that I make properly. I wish I could ignore it, I wish I had space to properly store boxes or drawers of frills, it’s just not a viable option. So the goal is to sell what I’ve feel doesn’t quite suit me or fit me as well as I’d like. (Plan on really selling things at low prices at the consignment mini-megameet in January, fingers cross what I wish to does sell.)

One of the other things I’ve discovered is that I have a habit of favoring certain jewelry. I really enjoy jewelry and have quite a bit from antique, vintage, to handmade but I find that sometimes I wear some by default and don’t switch it up as often. I definitely need to actively change things up with certain pieces.

So, I feel as though I’ve discovered a bit about myself in the fashion particularly about my style and then a bit more about my brand. I’ve learned that I need a bit more patient with myself and try out a few more combinations with my wardrobe and not be too comfortable with one look.

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Friday, December 22, 2017

LBC: What Are Your Lolita New Years Resolutions

With each new year comes new promises to one's self, they are sometimes small goals like switches in a morning routine or they can be huge projects like changing up a wardrobe, organizing and overhauling. Most everyone makes these little plans and try to stick to them, hoping to better their lifestyle, which takes a lot of energy and determination. For this topic for the LBC we've chosen to go over what our personal goals are.

Focus On My Brand

The Bloody Tea Party has been an idea near and dear to me since shortly after involving myself in the fashion. I've worked on my style, paid attention to the rules, and worked on my sewing and crafting skills tirelessly to streamline my pieces. It has been a exciting journey and I've been finding it as something I have loved as much as I had hoped. I get thoroughly ecstatic every time someone buys a piece I've worked so hard to create.

My plan this year is to really focus on my product and better ways to present them, with better shots and lighting techniques, I've work really hard on making these things that I really love so I feel as though my photos are not doing them justice. I've finally finished my watermark to put in picture corners that don't detract from the image and still ensure you know the shops name, now I need to work on better pictures for it.

Have another Season of The Witch Bonnet reservation period. I enjoyed doing this so much and I feel like the first one this past year was a success, this coming year I'd like to better advertise it and maybe give a week more but with the same reserve spots.

Create more product. This year I had made a TON of beaded pieces for the shop for the events I had a table for, or shared tables for, so I want to keep up with that but also focus on garments and Witch Bonnets.

Reserves and New Prints

This past year I've also finished and put out my first original print. at some point in the beginning of next year a goal is to make it available for reservation. It took my a very long time to create it, from drawing it out (I'm not an artist), learn photoshop while I work on redrawing it out in the program, and get it uploaded to the printing company. It took me so long my goal is not only to make a reserve period for it in the new year but to also make out one of my next prints in a shorter time, now that I have learned a lot for the program. I have at least 3 prints that I've drawn out completely and I don't want to rush any of the lot, I want them to be even better then my Homunculi print.

Host More Meets

I didn't get to host many meet ups this year, I'd really wanted to do another Frills & Chills but it seemed this past year was a bust due to timing with working on my line for Rufflecon. The other meet I would like to try to do is to do my Exhibition du Fioritures, where everyone with a talent or fashion line can show off their skills. I do have all my previous notes, my schedule blocks to be filled planned out, the gift bags already planned, all that's needed is a venue with access to a piano and good food. 

Better Posing And Work On My Facial Features

Queen of derp! That pretty much sums up my face as I try hard to relax and make my face not look like I've pulled a muscle in my cheeks and open my eyes wider so that they don't look like I'm between blinks or falling asleep - the curse of family genes. I just want my features to be softer and more relaxed, is all. 

As for posing, I often find I stand weirdly causing my shoulders to hunch and sometimes my hands don't know what they're doing. I just think that I should maybe look at what other people do for posing and practice them a bit more, focusing on better posture for my own sake, in a mirror, so that my default pose doesn't obscure what I'm wearing so much or make me look as awkward. 

 Find Specific Items On My Wishlist

I have dreams and goals and they are for very specific wardrobe pieces! I really wish to focus on finding specific garments on my wishlist for a reasonable price. Things definitely like Secret Laboratory or Night of the Devil's Castle are on my radar, along with a few other pieces that haven't left my list since I first wanted them. We'll see how this year pans out.

Wardrobe Overhaul And Wardrobe Post

It's almost that time of year again where every frilly takes super cute pictures of their wardrobe, in cute and meticulously organized ways, and I need to get in on that. I only got through barely halfway last year and, due to time, had to put it on the back burner. I'm going to commit myself this year and find a way of doing it that suits me.

This will also, hopefully, show where I am in my collection and point me in the direction I want to go with it, not necessarily selling off what doesn't work for me. I can count only a handful of times I've actually sold of pieces I've bought and it had to involve fit every time, it's never been about whether I wear it as I wear daily and circulate through. Right now, however, there have been a few piece niggling away at my thoughts that I should get rid of. I'm hoping that the wardrobe posting process will also make me know if it's really time to let some pieces go.

Lolita Inspired Book

I've been wanting to do write a Lolita inspired book. Something similar in nature to the fairy tale like stories we'd often seen in GLB but obviously not drawn out. I have an idea and have been slowly plotting it out and trying to write a few snippets. Hopefully, many will find it entertaining and bewitching but the goal for now is to try to write it out and have a few personal friends read the first rendition of it. 

I do know a lot of goals will change over the year, though I think they will adapt however necessary instead of be lost in the back of my brain. I'll have to check back in a year and see if I held tight, please root for me!

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Friday, December 15, 2017

LBC: 5 Regrets: List 5 Pieces You Regret Not Buying When You Had The Chance

There is so much to see, wear, and enjoy in this fashion as a whole, but there will always be the woes of missed opportunities when it comes to certain pieces for many, if not all, of us. Whether from lack of funds, learning of a release too late, or, in earlier times, the inability to get a shopping service, there are many reasons we sometimes miss out on pieces we really adore. This week's prompt for the Lolita Blog Carnival is about just that.

The ones on my list are all more recent pieces, lately I've manage to acquire a great deal of my wishlist (including Aatp's Tea Time Nostalgia!!! AAAAHHHHHH!!!) so this list will only include those which I'm not in possession of.

AatP Fortune Teller Box

I had seen this one go up, and unfortunately I had already just splurged on my birthday purchase and had other major purchases to make for the shop. 

Meta Secret Laboratory

This was another one released shortly before my birthday, I actually was hoping that it would stick around for that time, but it was also around the time we moved and it really threw a wrench in the works for my memory. I wish I had remember it...I just want to put it with a super cute witchy blouse with long billowy sleeves and then pair it with a black and red witch bonnet. 

Triple Fortune Victorian Violets jsk

Last year, at Rufflecon, Triple Fortune had this jsk available and I really had my eye out for it. unfortunately I just wasn't quick enough the following day to pick this one out.

Aatp Cock Robin jsk

This one I regret not buying so much! I had saved up for it for a while but was convinced to go with something else in the end...

IW Birdcage jsk

Again, it was around my birthday but I had several options to choose from but I went with something else. I haven't quite found it in the cut or color I've wanted so I'm just going to keep an eye out for this one.

This weeks was a tough one for me, I'm trying not to scroll through the sales pages after putting this all together...I may also be lying that I'm not doing that right now....

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

New Acquisitions And Refashioning

Things have obviously been going down in my life, I recently walked my line, which was my first original print and a new butterfly jacket design, at Rufflecon for the fashion show for 2017, bought some long looked for pieces, and have been heading to the point that I calloused my hands in only two weeks, back in October. I’ve been working hard with not only those but witch bonnet commissions and prepping for another big project that I don’t actually know how I’m functioning, if I’m being honest.

Most things I’ve posted on my personal Facebook and Instagram if anyone actually follows there, so it’s been clear that I’ve been neglecting my writing lately. However, I’m endeavoring to make a moment to do so as I want to keep pursuing this. I do enjoy writing, endeavoring to do it better, and hopefully create decent content for any frilly looking to simply enjoy snippets.

And that’s really what today is, a snippet.

Recently, I’ve acquired a few things, as I mentioned before, mostly dresses, of course, and I actually did some cyber Monday shopping. One of the things I’d like to take a moment to write about today has been a passion of mine since I was a child (a very weird child), which are these amazing Victorian mourning lockets!

Circa 1880-1910
These two tiny pieces are very sweet and pretty, though a little dinged up over time - the hair for the oval is missing and the heart's acetate paper is broken - but I definitely thought they were a steal for the price they were listed at. I knew that they would need a little love and finesse, when it came to restoring and refashioning these two, but I was ready for it. I started off with cleaning them up a bit, I still need to pick up the paper and plan to redo the lock of hair into it's curl before sealing it back in safely, but this is how they look at the moment.

I took a bit of inspiration from different Victorian mourning jewelry I've seen in the past, I don't know why I decided to have then as long as they both are but that's how it felt best. Usually lockets would be placed on a simple ribbon or black cord, though it's not the only way to wear them, and that would be that.

Just to show length
I went even longer then I'm used to for my own personally necklaces and tried to use vintage and antique beads I've had hanging around for special personally projects. The jet bead with the scroll work is a Victorian era piece and the larger jet beads are all vintage pieces I just got as a gift from my mother. I think I did okay and that it evokes a Victorian feel to each necklace, it's just a small adaptation, nothing more.

Though the silver and copper locket is a bit tarnished and is missing very important pieces I find that I like it more then I had initially. The forget-me-not flowers embedded in the long palms - they definitely look like leaves or feathers here - plated in sterling silver carved into a copper background is simply lovely. I just really like it more in person then I had when seeing it in the listing, it worked out in my favor that it was paired with the heart for the sale.

This was the piece that caught my eye so quickly, it's even more beautiful in person! Again, it is engraved with forget-me-not flowers, which are very prominent in mourning jewelry and is always the give-away if you aren't sure if it's just a memorial piece or a token of love, and more palms pair with them, encircling the hearts edge. This locket also opens from the opposite side as that's very common in Victorian jewelry. Because there were so many flowers in the detailing I wanted to reflect that in my beads, using rose beads and a lily bead to suspend the heart from without overpowering it with either a solid jet or gold bead.

I can't wait to wear them once I've redone the acetate on the heart, these pieces already have their own places to carefully store them amongst the other mourning pieces I have. I think that mourning jewelry is something to take care with, they can't be worn without one actually wondering who it was intended for or who's hair is encapsulated within it, but I have and will wear them in the future. 

Do you have any mourning jewelry you enjoy? Are you curious as to whether or not you possess a piece? 

I think I've rambled enough this morning and need to get back to my sewing table, I'll have new updates soon that I hope you'll enjoy! I've had a lot brewing since Rufflecon, besides the pot of tea, of course. 

So start your own cup as it's a good day to cuddle up with a cup of lovely tea. Cheers! 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

LBC: What Are 5 Things You Would Tell A Beginner Not To Do Or Avoid

Lolita fashion, there are so many things to keep in mind when navigating the different nuances of it. Some things turn into sweet little traps that drain time, energy, money, and sometimes even self esteem when you feel like you’ve tried it a few times but don’t think it looks quite as cute as you thought. Here are some things that hopefully help you avoid these instances.

Try To Avoid Super Niche Trends, Focus On Making Solid Coords

To often I see newer people get over excited with trends in the fashion, making them jump head long into things due to their wow factor, without appreciating the base clothes for what they are. This usually leads to people dishing out more money for an already expensive style only to end up trying it and not being satisfied with how it looks on or not understanding the basics of the fashion to understand the dynamics with the piece (ex. Bunny/cat ears).

Focus On Staple Pieces That Can Be Built Upon, Avoid Buying Only Main Pieces

This follows along along with the first one but it’s extremely important. This can mean buying up blouses that can work with classic, gothic, and sweet, or getting a nice solid op or jsk that can be fashioned for a more gothic look one day and then a classic look for another, making it easy further down the road to figure out exactly what styles you like and find suit you more.

Shoes are another great staple people tend to overlook when starting off in this fashion. Finding a few pairs that can work with several different main pieces makes coordinating a dream! Simply put, don’t overlook.

Jump Into The Group Discussions, Avoid Being To Much Of A Wallflower

This one may seem terrifying but the online comm is fun. There are so many wonderful people I have met on the online groups it’s a shame not to try. People are generally friendly - unless you are doing something to instigate - and helpful when asked about certain things or when something new and intriguing comes along.

This also aides in building a support system of like minded individuals who appreciate the fashion, know what you will be going through, and can help orient yourself.

Don’t Avoid Budgeting In The Beginning

Yes, this one is tough even for seasoned frillies, we see a bargain and we go in for the kill. Sometimes our wallets are the ones that suffer and that’s not always in a good funny way. I highly suggest starting a budget, don’t avoid it even if you are only testing the waters.

It’s especially good if you know your favorite brand’s rough release schedule so you can budget for it. Personally, I do this around August when I’m on the look out for Btssb’s and Aatp’s newest Halloween prints, or I do this when I know I’m going to a con.

The only real thing to avoid when budgeting is sites like lacemarket and your favorite brand, when planning on waiting for a release.

I feel like I may have run on with this one. I’ve been like a fish out of water with a lot of my previous habits, hopefully I can get back into it soon as I do enjoy it.

Avoid OTT Styles Until Grasping Basics

This one kind of goes hand in hand with avoiding trends, if you don’t have the basics down you should avoid any attempt at OTT (over the top) coords until you have it. If you don’t even know the difference between most of the terminologies that are in the fashion it’s not advised to try.

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