Saturday, December 9, 2017

LBC: What Are 5 Things You Would Tell A Beginner Not To Do Or Avoid

Lolita fashion, there are so many things to keep in mind when navigating the different nuances of it. Some things turn into sweet little traps that drain time, energy, money, and sometimes even self esteem when you feel like you’ve tried it a few times but don’t think it looks quite as cute as you thought. Here are some things that hopefully help you avoid these instances.

Try To Avoid Super Niche Trends, Focus On Making Solid Coords

To often I see newer people get over excited with trends in the fashion, making them jump head long into things due to their wow factor, without appreciating the base clothes for what they are. This usually leads to people dishing out more money for an already expensive style only to end up trying it and not being satisfied with how it looks on or not understanding the basics of the fashion to understand the dynamics with the piece (ex. Bunny/cat ears).

Focus On Staple Pieces That Can Be Built Upon, Avoid Buying Only Main Pieces

This follows along along with the first one but it’s extremely important. This can mean buying up blouses that can work with classic, gothic, and sweet, or getting a nice solid op or jsk that can be fashioned for a more gothic look one day and then a classic look for another, making it easy further down the road to figure out exactly what styles you like and find suit you more.

Shoes are another great staple people tend to overlook when starting off in this fashion. Finding a few pairs that can work with several different main pieces makes coordinating a dream! Simply put, don’t overlook.

Jump Into The Group Discussions, Avoid Being To Much Of A Wallflower

This one may seem terrifying but the online comm is fun. There are so many wonderful people I have met on the online groups it’s a shame not to try. People are generally friendly - unless you are doing something to instigate - and helpful when asked about certain things or when something new and intriguing comes along.

This also aides in building a support system of like minded individuals who appreciate the fashion, know what you will be going through, and can help orient yourself.

Don’t Avoid Budgeting In The Beginning

Yes, this one is tough even for seasoned frillies, we see a bargain and we go in for the kill. Sometimes our wallets are the ones that suffer and that’s not always in a good funny way. I highly suggest starting a budget, don’t avoid it even if you are only testing the waters.

It’s especially good if you know your favorite brand’s rough release schedule so you can budget for it. Personally, I do this around August when I’m on the look out for Btssb’s and Aatp’s newest Halloween prints, or I do this when I know I’m going to a con.

The only real thing to avoid when budgeting is sites like lacemarket and your favorite brand, when planning on waiting for a release.

I feel like I may have run on with this one. I’ve been like a fish out of water with a lot of my previous habits, hopefully I can get back into it soon as I do enjoy it.

Avoid OTT Styles Until Grasping Basics

This one kind of goes hand in hand with avoiding trends, if you don’t have the basics down you should avoid any attempt at OTT (over the top) coords until you have it. If you don’t even know the difference between most of the terminologies that are in the fashion it’s not advised to try.

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  1. Haha, shoes were definitely the bane of my frilly existence - still are, really, because I love being as matchy-matchy as I can. But it's especially frustrating at the beginning, so having at least two, maybe three pairs in colours that will work with the majority of your coords is so important!
    Also, I like your first point, although I interpreted it differently when I read the subheading. Just like any fashion, Lolita is prone to trends: we had Larme-kei inspired looks last year, this year Menhera-kei is quite prominent. But jumping on those because they're cool prints now will only make you spend more later because they are niche fads within an already niche fashion that is Lolita (although Larme-kei may not have been the best example since polka dots etc. are fairly versatile). Still, it's important to have a good base first, else you're constantly either lacking or buying that extra piece that would match just this one dress rather than having a dress with several options to go with this and other ones.
    Lots of good advice here, hopefully this will help someone out. :)

    1. Shoes were my major issue in the beginning for me, as well, it was the same thing with appropriate blouses.
      Remember a few years ago when OTT sweet was the main thing? I remember when people would be borderline decora with all the super pastel things they would put on their heads. Personally, I liked how it looked but I tried just a tad of sweet/sweet as opposed to that classic/sweet style I prefer and I just couldn't enjoy wearing it, I felt so awkward! I'm happy I didn't pour too much time and money into though I still absolutely enjoy seeing all of the awesome sweet people put together,